Just don’t think about it: A response

Paarsurrey says:
Thanks for the response; this will afford me a chance to review the original article by debilis @ <http://fidedubitandum.wordpress.com/> under the topic <Just Don’t Think About It>.

I wrote following post on <Just don’t think about it: A response>; the blog by Makagutu; please click on the dates below to follow the  discussion:

paarsurrey says:

I quote:
“Please tell me, how does positing god did it answer the question he posed?”

The one true “God did it” in a sense is a summary for all the stages that took place after when He commanded the words “to be”; for an ordinary man in the street who has minimum interest in the scientific details.

Debilis writes with good reasons.

paarsurrey says:

Quoting the words:
“god is a vague a word without meaning”.

Then replace “God” with Allah. Please

paarsurrey says:

Quoting the words:
““God caused it” is not a halt to inquiry at all.

And say it doesn’t halt inquiry is to be intellectually dishonest.”

There is no dishonesty in it; as I wrote earlier it is in a sense a brief reply to an ordinary person who has least interest and no capacity to understand all the scientific details. Even if somebody tells such persons the details; they cannot understand them; it is beyond their comprehension.

paarsurrey says:

Quoting the words:
“claims of materialism is circular”
They remain within the circle of matter; can’t look beyond it; while reality is not limited within the matter or the physical.
Their vision is limited within matter.; they should broaden their vision, in my opinion.

paarsurrey says:

I would like to say that the conclusions drawn are not correct.
The Word Revealed is intended for guidance of man in ethical, moral and spiritual realms. Bible is not in its original text; the debris of time has added much to it and with translation after translation the original meanings have been lost to much extent.

Anyway it was not intended as a text book of science; and those who want to take it as such are wrong.
The founders of religions like Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were practical men; they remained committed to the cause they were sent with from the one true God for uplift of human beings in ethical, moral and spiritual domains.
They never uttered a word even against science or the scientists; that is a separate field dealing in the material and physical things; they left it open for those who were dealing in them.
So the founders of religion did no block any field of inquiry rather they opened it wide.
Things belonging in the physical or material domains are to be left with the experts in these fields; those belonging in ethical, moral and spiritual realms are to be dealt with the verses of the Word Revealed.
There is absolutely no contradiction there, in my opinion.

Random thoughts

You have met Debilis, our resident apologist whose main occupation is either to attack the claims of materialism or New Atheists without supporting his claims. To engage with him on his posts is usually a slippery affair because one can hardly ever pin point what it is he is defending. Having said that, let us look at this post.

There seem to be two basic explanations for the origin of all physical reality (i.e. the universe):

1. God caused it
2. There is no explanation

He starts with a fallacy of false dilemma, one has to choose either of the two of answers. He is led to this problem by assuming that the sum of all reality must have a beginning. Once on the path he has taken, to get out of it, one has to resort either to superstition or consult reason on his path.

After leading…

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