Better The Devil

Paarsurrey says:
@ Argus
I found out this from the Google; is this the post you want me to read? If yes; did I miss some point.



and love, rather than some fly-by-night trying to gobble  your soul—or failing that, trying to lighten your wallet. Exorcism as a career option has to be better than prostitution: ya got it, ya sells it, ya still got it … in both cases. But exorcism is less messy. Either way someone gets screwed.


it arrived fresh tonight from Der Spiegel—


on a mission to Europe, top-gun devil remover—just another day at the office—

With some 500 priests on hand to hear confessions, the day included a holy mass, three speeches by Bashobora and prayers for healing. Bashobora, who has reportedly visited Poland several times in recent years, works for the Mbarara Diocese in Uganda, and also reportedly appealed to his followers at the ceremony for financial support to combat malnutrition and support educational programs in Africa”

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3 Responses to “Better The Devil”

  1. Argus Says:

    This isn’t the one, but still makes the point. Religions go to great expense to recruit—and thereby increase their wealth, influence and power base. Voluntary servitude (meaning slavery) by happy serving slaves doing “God’s” work. A racket, but a very successful racket.

  2. What To Eat To Gain Muscle Says:

    What To Eat To Gain Muscle

    Better The Devil | paarsurrey

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