“The universe constantly proclaims; there is one One who laid its foundation”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

A poem in Persian written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, translated in English from his renowned book “The Brahin-E- Ahmadiyya” for the viewers of this blog:



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14 Responses to ““The universe constantly proclaims; there is one One who laid its foundation””

  1. Arkenaten Says:

    Smile…this bloke was considered a fraud by many of your Muslim brothers, Yes?

  2. Arkenaten Says:

    I dont ‘follow what you are asking. Can you rephrase the question please

    • paarsurrey Says:

      Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gave valid reasons; they should either accept him or give reasons as to why they don’t accept him. Everybody should do that.

      • Arkenaten Says:

        Well, I am not Muslim, and It doesn’t really bother me at all,but most Muslims said he was a fraud so I am assuming they believed they gave valid reasons.

        You obviously disagree. Tough being a member of a persecuted sect isn’t it?

        However, It’s nice to read that Islam has just as many dissenters within its ranks as all the other religions.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        I think you should give your own reasons.
        Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did not address Muslims only; he addressed everybody of all religions/faiths and those who have no faith- the Atheists.
        He was a messenger prophet of the one true God even for me and you.


      • Arkenaten Says:

        Smile..if you say so. I never heard of him til I met you and then researched him.
        Seems like .. prophet if his message from the one true god never reached my neck of the woods, or many other places, for that matter.
        The responsibility of a prophet it to make sure the message gets out, surely?
        I think your reasoning is very poor, my friend.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        The responsibility of a messenger prophet is fixed by one who has sent him; it should not be your worry.

        Am I right?

        Now the message has reached you. Being a Humanist you cannot reject him without a valid reason.

        Do you have a valid reason? I think you don’t have.

      • Arkenaten Says:

        Yes. I have a valid reason. I only have your word.
        And that, my friend, is as shakey as a house of cards.
        I would no more trust your word on this issue than I would the word of Constantine who claimed he had a vision of a cross and eventually became Christian.
        I consider he was a manipulating lying sack of shit, as was his buddy, Eusebius.
        I put them in the same league as Mohammed.
        Delusional or liars.
        It is up to them to demonstrate otherwise.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        If there are different claimants; one should be able to discern the truthful from the false ones; why generalize and put them together.

        A Humanist committed to reason should be able to do that. Why leave reason?

      • Arkenaten Says:

        Fail 1
        Reason states that if this claim was trueand especially if the message was really important then god should inform the world…. he didn’t.
        Demonstrates that not either the prophet delusional or your god is a dumbass.

        Fail 2.
        This prophet did not convince most of the Islamic world, only those locally and not all of them either.
        They should know better than me as they were Muslim and I am an atheist and couldn’t give one iota.
        So in summary…a failure. But you like him so good for you.

      • paarsurrey Says:

        The message has reached you now; and even earlier. Have you never heard the name Muhammad before?

        One cannot deny that; one should investigate now.

  3. paarsurrey Says:

    […] There has been an interesting discussion with Arkenaten who is a Humanist/Atheist on one of my post <“The universe constantly proclaims; there is one One who laid its foundation”>. […]

  4. Corkscrew Says:


    “The universe constantly proclaims; there is one One who laid its foundation” | paarsurrey

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