“Convert Me” |by David Smalley

I give below a write up from David Smalley a famous Atheist from his blog < http://www.dogmadebate.com/2010/01/convert-me.html >: I am not a debater; I discuss things with others with an open mind. I don’t want to convert anyone to my faith unless one decides for oneself to join the faith I am in totally convinced with my religion.

I made a comment on his blog which is also given at the end.

David Smalley said:

I want to hear from you now.


Why should I follow your faith? Moreover, why should I worship the way you do, within the specific religion you do? I don’t just mean Christianity or Islam… if you are Christian, what sect? Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ?


Tell me: how do you know your way is the ultimate way, and why should I fall in line?


Think about it, this is your chance to convert one of the most out-spoken Atheists on the web. My mind is wide open.

Author: David Smalley on 1/26/2010

paarsurrey said…

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim.
You are an Atheist as you say; others don’t like to be called an Atheist; they prefer to be called Humanists.
What is your choice among the two and why?

July 17, 2013 



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    “Convert Me” |by David Smalley | paarsurrey

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    “Convert Me” |by David Smalley | paarsurrey

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