You’re on the winning side

Paarsurrey says:
I clicked the word ”  Theologetics  ” in your post and the word press showed a dialogue:

“ is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this site.”
Would you kindly mention some article from that bogsite which was in your mind when you wrote this write-up?

Head in the SandYou’re on the winning side. Keep this line in mind while I first dive into this two-word buffet: Banana Republic. Coined in the 1930’s, the term Banana Republic is (as everyone is well-aware) used to describe a small country whose economic exploits lack a certain depth or sophistication; a country whose future surfs a wave almost entirely dependent on the market of a single product. It’s a derogatory phrase; a slap in the face to nations who’re a danger not only to themselves but their neighbours. They are vulnerable, unstable, highly volatile and essentially must maintain a delusional headset to exist. Fair enough, the turn of words is accurate, but I contend the definition is far too restrictive. Banana Republics also apply to individual minds, and in this unhealthy market theists have a working monopoly. Theists, particularly evangelicals, are a danger to themselves and their neighbours. The dogma they…

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5 Responses to “You’re on the winning side”

  1. john zande Says:

    If i remember the discussion was on Prayson Daniels blog.

  2. 减肥药排行榜2013 Says:


    You’re on the winning side | paarsurrey

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