It’s Not Only

Paarsurrey says:
Quote from your post “Is it gush? I don’t know, I’ve never been there so have only witnesses to trust.”
If you had to write; would’t it had been better if you have visited it?



5 Responses to “It’s Not Only”

  1. Argus Says:

    I’m an older guy in New Zealand carefully balancing a budget—budget doesn’t allow for popping over to all (or any) of the things that most intrigue me. So I have to rely on other folks …

    Sadly many folks are either easily deluded (stage magicians, priests, and politicians make a good living from it) or look at different aspects of whatever’s there than I would. Some are out to impress; many just gush. So I sift the sand an hope to find a gem or two.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      So one could benefit from the witnessing of other persons who have seen or observed another phenomenon or experience themselves till such times that one has is able to experience/witness them oneself.

      If we carry this reasoning forward; the messengers prophets have seen/witnessed the one true God themselves; one should benefit from their experience.

      Don’t you agree with it?

      Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts.

      New Zealand is a good country.

  2. 减肥药排行榜 Says:


    It’s Not Only | paarsurrey

  3. One could believe in on witnessing of others | paarsurrey Says:

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  4. Says:

    It’s Not Only | paarsurrey

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