Atheism vs Meaning

Paarsurrey says:

It is Ok that the Atheists find meaning in life as do of course the Theists; though the Atheists are very late in this realization.

Can the Atheists mention the sum total of their achievements for betterment of humanity in the world at large since the inceptions of time?

Fide Dubitandum

The-meaning-of-life-41955043789_xlargeContinuing on with David Smalley’s “Top 10 Reasons I’m an Atheist”, we have this:

2. Living by the means of man helping man, and realizing time on earth is not a practice run, creates an urgency of life that requires fulfilling.

The first thing that occurs to me, in reading this, is to wonder if Smalley realizes that this doesn’t remotely make atheism true. I don’t think he’d really argue that something is true just because it makes us feel a sense of urgency. But, if not, why does he list it as a reason to be an atheist?

Perhaps he simply means that it is something that makes him feel better about being an atheist. If so, he’s allowed it, but I don’t see why anyone should be persuaded by this.

But, moving on to my second point: It’s simply not true that only atheists have a sense of…

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