Evidence that Moses led an Exodus of a Million souls?

Paarsurrey says:
The words at the end of the write-up are noteworthy:

Quote:”When asked why the bone finds were so meagre Senor Cabeca suggested after such a long time the desert would have “swallowed up every piece of evidence,”

I don’t mind the sarcasm of the title by a Humanist.



Will you kindly give the link of the article published in the magazine?
Did the dinosaurs exist 8000 years ago? Strange
There seems to be some mistake somewhere, I think. Is it?



6 Responses to “Evidence that Moses led an Exodus of a Million souls?”

  1. Arkenaten Says:

    No.It is the absolute truth.Honest.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      1. I Googled for the dinosaurs; “when they existed on the planet Earth?” The result was:

      “Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade Dinosaur. They first appeared during the Triassic period, approximately 237 million years ago, and were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for 135 million years, from the beginning of the Jurassic (about 201 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous (66 million years ago), when the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event led to the extinction of most dinosaur groups at the close of the Mesozoic Era.


      So they talk of millions of years; not of thousands of years when the Dinosaurs exited here on Earth.

      2. I checked for the Dinosaurs named in your write-up as “Galinhavulgarsaurus”; no entry was found in Google about it except quoting your write-up.

      Please check it up again.

      3. I Googled for “the latest period dinosaurs existed on earth”; and get the result of the first entry:

      “When Did the Dinosaurs Live?
      Dinosaurs lived throughout the Mesozoic Era, which began 245 million years ago and lasted for 180 million years. It is sometimes called the Age of the Reptiles. The era is divided into three periods.
      245 to 208 million years ago”

      So kindly check the article again.

  2. ”Look, Mum. I’m Normal.”A religious ”underpants on the head example. | A Tale Unfolds Says:

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  3. Argus Says:

    I’ve read an interesting screed recently suggesting that dinosaurs live—even now—in a swamp the size of Belgium in the Congo. I didn’t keep notes and would have to backtrack for details.
    The ‘evidence’ is sketchy and anecdotal at best, but fairly convincing on face value.
    Hell, we have dinosaurs (real, and alive) in New Zealand right now. I even photographed a few and posted ’em in one of my WP blogs somewhere. If they were the size of a London bus they’d get more respect, but being as small and cute as they are = nobody is impressed.

    I must admit I don’t see how evidence of dinosaur migration could add any weight to Hebrew migration? Ancient populations (human and animal) were and always have been migratory, even flowing across the Bering Strait or the North Sea.

    There’s carvings (by man, who else?) in Cambodia that if they are not of stegosauruses they can’t be of anything. I’ll see if I can relocate the photos and post ’em. I recently posted of huge ancient works in the Atacama Desert, that you can visit for yourself on Google Map—go to the Atacama Giant and track south a few k’s, zoom right in and you’ll see miles and miles of ‘earthworks’ … in the driest place (on a par with Antarctica) on earth?

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    Evidence that Moses led an Exodus of a Million souls? | paarsurrey

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