Self-refuting Atheism; cannot provide “irrefutable evidence” they ask from others

The followers of Atheism ask others to provide irrefutable evidence but if the same question is asked from them; they don’t come up with any; that makes atheism having no ground to hold.

If one demolishes a building; that only produces rubble; it does not construct another building.

If Atheists sometimes point out a mistake in a creed of a religion, that is a positive point; but that does not mean that Atheism is right.

One can see from the following posts:

Arkenaten Says: 

July 13, 2013 at 3:22 pm | Log in to Reply

Provide evidence of your god.

One believes in so many things very naturally; for instance one believes one has a father and a mother very naturally; one does not need a proof unless there is a reasonable ground for that.
I believe in the one true God very naturally and don’t need to find any evidence for that.

I believe that I exist; I never needed any evidence for my existence.

Did you find any evidence that the one true God does not exist?


The same situation could be observed from the comments on the article< > between Arkenaten and Debilis:



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