Jesus..the man..the god

Paarsurrey says:

When I closed my eyes as you have told to; no image of Jesus came to my mind. I never saw him so how could his true image come to my mind.

Jesus name is a Roman or European construct; so it is man-made I agree with you. The Aramaic the language Mary, his mother, spoke must have some other name. In Arabic a sister language of Aramaic and Hebrew Jesusè name is Isa; in Kashmiri language he has the name Yuz Asaf.

But Jesus was not a god or son of god.


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July 13, 2013 at 4:24 PM Reply

The names are just a symbolic point of reference as are the various depictions throughout history. Also I don’t believe for one minute that you had absolutely no mental image of anything when asked to close your eyes and imagine Jesus. You’re just being pedantic.

Actually to add to that, if I ask you not to think of a pink elephant with purple spots, I can guarantee you that you will imagine just that! 

In this day and age it is hard not to come up with SOME sort of image of Jesus.
I am told many used to think he looked like Margaret Thatcher. Or was that the other way round? 

Hehe… funny. Many a politician out there in the world with the old Messiah complex, in fact plenty of ‘normal’ bods too apparently. Just like all those poor plebs who roll into Jerusalem around Easter time year in year out claiming to be the second coming… come again? 

I don’t agree with you. 

Bible is erroneous to give details of features of Jesus or his life accounts or of his teachings.

Hence one cannot have real image of Jesus.

The Koran is also erroneous, yet there are plenty of drawings ‘depicting ‘ what Mohammed looked like.
In the absence of factual evidence once pictures begin circulating and an image is created in the minds eye of believers and non believers alike it quickly becomes part of social consciousness. Like a meme. 

We don’t need any image/picture of Muhammad. 

We only have to follow the teachings of Quran authored by the one true God and demonstrated by Sunnah of Muhammad the faithful of the one true God.

The teachings of Quran are perfect; one’s understanding of Quran could be erroneous.

If the teachings of the Qura’n were perfect then there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding and we wouldn’t have the Taliban, or the death penalty for apostasy and Islamic fundamentalists wouldn’t have flown int the Twin Towers, or terrorists wouldn;lt have tried to assassinate that school girl.
Please, don’t start getting very silly, otherwise there are many visitors here who will tear your religion to shreds…believe me on this point.
Don’t be a a-hole. Be cool. 

I said the teachings of Quran , authored by one true God, are perfect but one could understand them incorrectly. That is the case of Taliban; they are just politicians. Had they understood Quran correctly; they would have not (done) the wrong things pointed out by you, I mean “the death penalty for apostasy and Islamic fundamentalists wouldn’t have flown int the Twin Towers, or terrorists wouldn’t have tried to assassinate that school girl”. 

There is no teaching in Quran to do these kinds of terrorist acts.

I welcome any real arguments by anybody.

This is the point and the fallacy of god authorship -god inspiration, irrespective of the scripture. 

An omniscient being would not author an ambiguous doctrine that would likely cause the death if its creation, humans, unless this was the deity’s intent.

This is what religious people fail to grasp. They blame it ALL on interpretation without taking cognizance of the one who was supposed to have transmitted /authored the text.

There is no ambiguity in the teachings; the terrorists don’t understand Quran from its context verses. Since there is no compulsion; they cannot be forced to adopt a particular understanding the correct one though. 

I think you won’t side with the incorrect understanding or with the compulsion in religion or using force for correct understanding.

You are avoiding the point. If there is no ambiguity in the Koran then it shows that the deity you believe authored the text either:
a) knew that Islamic terrorists would murder
b)the deity didn’t. 

Please tell me which one of these do you think is correct?
There is only one correct answer.




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