Christianity and Islam v Atheism and Agnosticism

Our entire civilization is based on the ‘religious’ doctrines ad ideals: that are essentially based on the enslavement of the individual. Half of the world follows Christianity and Islam. The world it seems never had common sense to begin with. The system needs a complete overhaul to fix itself.

      • I think one has viewed the phenomena wrongly.

        Education and critical thinking support the truthful religion and do it no harm.

        In fact it will expose the wrong thinking of the atheists.

      • There is not a single ‘prophecy of the old testament that can be considered valid. None.Thus,the Quar’an, like the bible is false doctrine, based on an erroneous lie.
        Further more, there is absolutely no archaeological evidence whatsoever to support Moses, the Exodus or the Conquest of Canaan.
        Every world renowned archaeologist and Jewish biblical scholar , including Rabbis, recognizes this fact, and have done for years. Only fundamentalists continue to deny it.

      • I respect your views and opinions; but I have to point out that neither the historians nor the archaeologist claim to be 100 % correct.

        Quran was first to confirm that Bible had light in it and guidance of the original Word revealed on Moses and other messengers prophets of the same lineage; yet it was in a corrupted form and is not in its original form.

        It is good that as you say that the Rabbis have now acknowledged these things.

        I don’t side with the fundamentalists; one should follow the middle path which is also the straight path and is a moderate way of life.

        I think there are many prophecies of Moses that have been fulfilled.

        Should I provide a link for the prophecies of prophets that have since been fulfilled?

        I consider you as a friend and have no intention to oppose you unnecessarily.

        We are all human being with all the merits and demerits associated with a human.

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