A question for theists

Paarsurrey says:
Referring to your question in the post; “are there any credible (confirmed) criteria for differentiating one’s religion as “true” and another’s as “false”?”

Yes; there are five basic criteria:
1. Belief in the one true God.
2. Belief in the angels.
3. Belief in the revealed books.
4. Belief in the messengers prophets.
5. Belief in the Day of Judgement.

Every religion has these five beliefs to qualify for being called a revealed religion. All revealed religions are truthful in their origin and have these basic beliefs; differences occurred naturally as there is no compulsion in any revealed religion so when they deviated from the right truthful path they lost or got any one or more of them obscured; so the message from the one true God got revealed again.


Apologetics_Can-There-Really-be-Only-One-True-ReligionPeel away the colourful ritualistic outer layers, bypass the guidebooks, skip over the oral traditions and dive through the charismatic mind-sets to the core within and anyone curious enough to look will find that there are but two ostensible, universal truths pervading all religions:

1) They all claim to be true

2) Not one has ever emerged twice on the planet

That’s it. There is nothing lurking any deeper than these two truisms, and as the second maxim annihilates the first claim there’s really no need to even litigate the petitions forwarded by any single religion as it’s already perfectly clear that any allusion to authenticity is entirely groundless. If this were not the case, if any single religion were indeed true, we would have seen that religion emerge unsupervised at least twice on the planet. Its truth would in fact be demonstrable in this supernatural event. Such an event…

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