Paarsurrey says:
I think one’s obsession with religion continues though in a negative mode; now that one has left believing in a religion and got out of it not by any absolute sound reasons a vacuum has been created in one’s soul/self which atheism, having no solid foundation, could not fill it up; one is still obsessed by religion, in my opinion. Once one had left religion one’s normal behavior for religion and for those who follow a religion should have been of indifference.

One has gone from a magnetic north pole simply to its south pole without a change in the psyche.

Captivating the Masses

Everywhere I go I find myself smothered in religious nonsense and it gets so damn old. When I came to this town the semester was already in progress and I needed a place fast; because I couldn’t afford a place of my own, I had to rent a room. From the ad I answered, the topic of religion was never discussed, why should it? The person I rent from is nice enough, but do I have to hear about God at the top of the lungs? Do I have to hear about life problems, and how, in order to have them solved, to “let go and let God”?  And is it necessary that I have to look at one of these every morning:


Since I’ve become an Atheist I’m overwhelmed with how intrusive the realm of religion is in my face. I have to continually act like I’m okay with…

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