It’s not very Christian of them

Paarsurrey says:

I am neither a Catholic nor a Christian. I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim. I cannot appreciate the ad; it is really distasteful to disrespect and ridicule the religious personages.

i spider


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Recently a couple of close friends of mine created a television commercial for AussieMite, a sandwich spread that tastes like Vegemite but unlike Vegemite is made in Australia. The Ad in question has caused a bit of a global sensation. In fact the guys that wrote it are receiving death threats and bomb threats from… no not an extremest Gehad group, but from Catholics. That’s right Christians are threatening to kill people over what I consider a funny piece of TV.

So here’s where I’d love your feedback. I’m not Catholic so I cannot possibly understand why someone would want to kill someone over a joke; a funny joke at that. Most of my closest friends are Catholics and they don’t seem to have a problem with the ad but I have lots of blogging friends that are either Catholics or Christians and I’d really appreciate hearing…

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One Response to “It’s not very Christian of them”

  1. ispiderbook Says:

    Thanks for the re-blog Paarsurrey. I’ll be interested to see if the bloggers who follow your site agree with you or if they think the ad is funny. cheers. I Spider.

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