Essence of speaking the truth

Friday Sermon: Essence of speaking the truth

Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.



  • A benchmark of qawl e sadeed is that whatever one says is pertinent and appropriate. It is not essential to say everything that is true. If it is not pertinent and appropriate it can cause discord and strife. By divulging secrets of others relationships break down. However, at times something may not be appropriate in one situation but becomes necessary in another situation.
  • The Promised Messiah(as) said: ‘Man should be inclined to the finer ways of Taqwa; therein is safety/well-being. If one does not take care about small matters then one day these small matters make one commit grave sins. Laxity and carelessness would set in and cause one’s destruction. You should keep attainment of high stations of Taqwa in your view and for this, inclination towards finer ways of Taqwa is essential.
  • No Divine commandment should be considered small, let alone the commandment for qawl e sadeed which is the basis of societal peace as well as basis of reformation. That is why the Holy Prophet(saw) included it in the Nikah sermon. The significance of Nikah is that it is a time of the coming together of man and woman in Islamic matrimony and is also the means for the continuation of future generations.
  • God states that it is a ‘mighty success’ for man to attain God’s pleasure. Indeed, perfect obedience of God and His Messenger(saw) are essential for this mighty success and to practice this, it is necessary to seek God’s help for strength. This strength can be derived through Istaghfar. One is drawn to do good deeds and God guides one and includes one among true believers, that is, those who are truthful, who spread the truth and who abide by Taqwa.
  • Man faces difficulties in worldly as well as religious matters. With the grace of God with Taqwa and honesty, these difficulties can be removed. Sometimes speaking the truth can put one in difficulty but if one is honest one comes out of it. Sometimes saying what is true among one’s own also puts one in difficulty because there are people of all kinds of dispositions among one’s own. This stems from lack of Taqwa.
  • When people are made accountable for trivial matters and are harassed, it comes under the category of discord/disorder. One should always self-reflect that one has to practice good deeds. One’s deeds are reformed when God wills. It is the sign of one who abides by Taqwa that they consider deeds as good when they are deemed so by God and for this one needs God’s grace by turning to Him and through Istaghfar.
  • May we abide by Taqwa and remain firm on truthfulness, may we be perfectly obedient to God and His Messenger(saw), may He cover our sins and may our practices be those which gain acceptance with God. May we attract His grace and attain that objective in real terms for which God sent the Promised Messiah(as) and may we also be helpers of this objective and have God loving grace on us.

Note: The Sermon was delivered in Urdu.

Audio Translation of it is available in following/ many languages; please click language of your liking by accessing the website; link already provided above:

Urdu, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, French, German, Malayalam’ Swahili, Tamil, Turkish


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