Got some question/objection against a teaching of Quran? | a challenge for understanding Quran

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Paarsurrey wrote:


Please quote just one verse, not many verses, for which you have a question; and then kindly prove your point of view from the verse and the verses in the context.
We may help to remove the objection or find a suitable reply to it.



Originally Posted by Union jack

I have an objection against the sin of adding or subtracting one word from the teaching; I don’t know what verse it is but “Boxing their ears” to put them to sleep, is antiquated

Paarsurrey responded:

I don’t think there is any any such verse in Quran. I tried to Google with the search terms <sin of adding or subtracting one word from the teaching Quran “Boxing their ears”>;but could not find any verse to that affect.


Thanks for asking.

Maybe it is in the NT Bible; last passage of “Book of Revelation”.


If it is a gross sin to add or subtract from the “Word” then it seems the message is only for those who speak Arabic, and perhaps live in the area prescribed by G

Paarsurrey responded:

If somebody makes an intentional change to corrupt the text; I think then it is a wrong.

The translations if seen deeply are interpretations of the translator; so these are not considered Word from the one true God.

I think, it helps.


So there are no objections on the teachings of Quran, at least none has surfaced here.

There could not be any as it is the pristine Word of the one true God; it defends not only itself but even the truth in the Revelations before it.


Originally Posted by Union jack

That helps. The words can be substituted to allow for growth towards a pristine state.

Paarsurrey adds:

Not many people came up to accept the challenge; and those who came up as could be seen from above, they got a reasonable and satisfactory reply.

Thank God.

Still there is an opportunity to get one’s objection against Quran/Islam/Muhammad resolved in the religious education forum under the above thread or to write here in this blog as per < post number 1> above.


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