Paul’s theme of Christianity does not owned by Jesus

Bryan made a long comments on my post<  Modern Christianity is founded by Paul>. I have given my views on it. The comments deserve a separate post.

Bryan Says: 

The article that you provide the link to is a view of Paul that was popular from 75 to 100 years ago and has been abandoned even by many scholars that still do not hold to historical Christian doctrines. In other words there are still scholars skeptical of historical Christianity, but they do not base their views on this older “history of religions” approach since it was bad scholarship.

Most scholars today, whether they accept or deny historical Christianity, agree that the main source of Paul’s thought was simply the Old Testament viewed in light of what Paul believed was the promised redemptive events centered in the coming of the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit through the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ.

The consensus today is that the earlier ideas of Paul’s dependence on the “mystery religions’ and on Greek thought were mistaken ideas that have no warrant for support.

Herman Ridderbos wrote: “…surely we can speak of a growing consensus insofar that scholars are more and more finding the point of departure for an adequate approach to the whole redemptive-historical, eschatological character of Paul’s proclamation. The governing motif of Paul’s preaching is the saving activity of God in the advent and the work, particularly in the death and the resurrection of Christ. This activity is on the one hand the fulfillment of the work of God in the history of the nation of Israel, the fulfillment therefore also of the Scriptures; on the other hand it reaches out to the ultimate consummation of the parousia of Christ and the coming of the kingdom of God.” (Paul: An Outline of His Theology, 1975, p.39)

Ridderbos goes on to say that speaking of a “consensus” must be “done with great reserve” because there is much debate regarding the subject of “eschatology and eschatologies”. Therefore the debate today is mainly concerned with “whether Jesus and the apostles quoted Old Testament texts with respect for their broader Old Testament context. Did they refer to Old Testament passages in a way that is inconsistent with or contradictory to the original intention of an Old Testament passage?” (G. K. Beale: The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts”, 1994, p. 7)

Here is a link to a short but adequate critique of the older “history of religions” view of Paul’s sources for his teachings called Paul and the Mystery Religions by Don Closson.


paarsurrey Says:

I refer to your sentence:

“Paul believed was the promised redemptive events centered in the coming of the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit through the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ.” Unquote

This is exactly what Modern Christianity is all about, all present denominations of Christianity, in my opinion, are based on this theme which was invented by Paul and has nothing to do with Jesus the Christ.

Sorry, I could not reply earlier.


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