God standing on the rock Horeb: understanding Exodus 17:6 OT Bible

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Paarsurrey wrote:

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#1  Judaism are monotheists, as I understand, and the Christians also claim that they believe in one God, despite their belief in Trinity. Hinduism more so the Santana Dharma or the believers in the Eternal Law are also monotheists, as I understand; so are Zoroastrians and Buddha, as I get it.
How should we perceive Exodus 17:6?

[6] Behold I will stand there before thee, upon the rock Horeb: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, Book Of Exodus Chapter 17

God is not a physical being; what is meant by God standing upon the rock Horeb?


#5  I have now made some corrections; is it OK now? Please


#8To me; it is essential; all revealed religion are from one source of one true God; whatever the name in the language of the people it originated in. Like Levite has explained; others could also explain it and see their religion in the same light; that makes unity in understanding, in my opinion.

#9 Thanks for explaining for me.

How would you explain Moses parting the sea in two columns with his staff and making way for the Israelites?
(Exodus 14:21-22).

#12  Thanks for your answer.

What is your stance on the following, please?

1. The water of the river became blood. EXODUS 7:17.
2. Moses smites all the borders of Egypt with frogs. EXODUS 8:2.
3. Moses smites the dust of the earth and became lice. EXODUS 8:17.
4. Moses sends a grievous mourner upon the cattle, the Egyptians cattle died but the Israelite did not. EXODUS 9:3. EXODUS 9:6 to 7.
5. Moses smites the Egyptians by the dust of the furnace. EXODUS 9:8.
6. Moses sends rain of hail. EXODUS 9:18.
7. Moses sends the locusts over Egypt. EXODUS 10:14.
8. Moses sends the darkness in all the land of Egypt for 3 days. EXODUS 10:22.
9. GOD said, every first born in the land of Egypt from Pharaoh to the first born of the maidservant, And all first born of the beast. EXODUS 12:29.

#16   Please elaborate the last sentence.



Originally Posted by Shermana

And how is the idea of His presence particularly dwelling in the Tabernacle and Temple understood? What is this “Thickening” exactly? Does it imply a greater material manifestation? Can it possibly imply being seen in an actual bodily form?

Paarsurrey said:

It is making God a physical being, in my opinion.


Originally Posted by Shermana

I think so too.

I believe the ancient understanding was in fact that God had a body and could manifest directly in Physical form, that the “likeness” man is made in was 100% literal physical likeness, and the language describing his being and body were in fact literal, and only much later on in Rabbinical thought did this change.

This “Thickening” that Levite speaks of I agree with to a certain point, that it’s about materializing in a physical form even though his being permeats the entire world through his spirit.

Paarsurrey said:

This “thickening” is through an angel; not all by Himself ;one true God has no spirit; all spirits are His creation; He is everywhere with his attributes not with body or spirit.

#24The one true God is attributive; He converses with the human beings through Word revealed, visions and dreams; it is narrators and the scribes mishandling the phenomenon. There is no “thickening” of the one true God, in my opinion.

#25 One could find truth behind the story tellers, erring narrators and the wrong doing scribes, in my opinion.


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