Was Buddha a Muslim ? If yes; in what sense?

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Paarsurrey wrote:



Originally Posted by Sunstone

So, Buddha was a Muslim. Sweet.

How do you say that?

10     My point is that founders of all revealed religions were truthful in origin; they played a great part in development of humanity ; human society evolved to greater heights of morality and spirituality under their guidance; they always supported peace and co-existence among human beings; they never opposed reason, rationality, seeking of knowledge and sciences. All of them are icons of religion and should be respected and honored without exception.

We should be thankful to them; and for the message the Creator sent through them. Thanks to the Creator God.

Buddha was one such great human.

#12   I think the author means that the above sentence is partially correct about Buddhism which has many denominations; some of them may deny it expressly while others may be at different levels of believing in a deity.

That is about Buddhism not about Buddha; he believed in God and that is what the essence of that article is. Please read it in entirety and then comment on its contents with your arguments; even if you differ with it.

I shall be waiting for your reasonable arguments/comments.


#14     I think I never said that I represent Buddhism.
Did I?
In fact there are many denominations of the Buddhists and none of them represents Buddha.


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