Quran is an open book; Hindus and Buddhists can also read it

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Paarsurrey wrote:

#78 On the seventh Stupa of Emperor Ashoka , it is written:

‘Thus spake Devanampiya Piyadasi: “Wherefore from this very hour, I have caused religious discourses to be preached, I have appointed religious observances that mankind, having listened thereto, shall be brought to follow in the right path, and give glory to God* (Is’ana).” ‘

* The usage of the word ‘God’ in singular is highly significant.


#110 Why you have a bias from the Muslim perspective?
If you have; you should not have a bias against reason.

#115 Quran is an open book; it is for everyone in the world. And Hindus and Buddhist are very much in this world. They can read, understand and interpret Quran, if they do it correctly from the text and the context of the Quran.

Quran says it has been made easy to understand. You may try it, if you may, so.

#116 Was Buddha a Buddhist? I don’t think so.

#118 “Muslim prophet” not in the sense you take it; but in the sense that we honour, respect and revere all truthful religious reformers of all lands; they remain theirs and as well as become ours.

They all become a part of our faith in terms of the first surah/chapter of Quran, that is considered summary of Quran; and of course Buddha is mentioned elsewhere in Quran under a title name specifically, you must be knowing, I think.


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