“nothing” is also a creation of the one true God

I contributed four posts on the forum<http://www.religiousforums.com/forum/> under the thread < Atheists and their flaws>; the posts are given here for the viewers of this blog; to see the context of a post, please, click the post #; that will take you to the full single view of the post in the forum, and then click the thread topic on the right upper corner, that will take you to the discussion that ensued in the forum.

Paarsurrey wrote:

#22 As “things” are a creation of the one true God; similarly “nothing” is also a creation of the one true God.

#24 I think two phenomena are mixed here; how the universe started becoming in the beginning and how it will be unbecoming in the ending from the point of view of science has to be in terms of physical and material realm for understanding of the science or the people actively engaged in it is one thing; religion does not and should not interfere with it as it will be detrimental to the progress of science. It is relatively a narrow view

Religion has its own view which is broader than the above on the basis of the truthful Word Revealed from the one true God who has created it and will uncreate it at an appointed time; that is quite a different thing.

Both should not be mixed, in my opinion.

#37 Atheists have flaws as do the others have; they have their superstitions and myths like others; they are not without faults and sins. And they never claim to be without them.

#39 Do “I” or “you” exist? Am “I or you” just illusions?

#43I think if one is not sure of one’s existence and is in doubt; then it is understandable of one’s doubt about the one true God.

Now; do you think your father and mother exist/ed? One has not seen one being born from one mother; yet one believes that they exist; and is sure for one’s mother and father very naturally even without verifying from the DNA test.

Is it correct? Please


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