Buddha on looking on the opposite sex

I quote from Buddha:


“And the Blessed One said: [3]
“Guard against looking on a woman. [4]
“If ye see a woman, let it be as though ye saw her not,
and have no conversation with her. [5]
“The samana who looks on a woman as a woman,
or touches her as a woman, has broken his vow
and is no longer a disciple of the Tathagata. [8]
“Lust beclouds a man’s heart,
when it is confused with woman’s beauty,
and the mind is dazed. [11]
“Better far with red-hot irons bore out both your eyes,
than encourage in yourself sensual thoughts,
or look upon a woman’s form with lustful desires. [12]
“Better fall into the fierce tiger’s mouth,
or under the sharp knife of the executioner,
than dwell with a woman and excite in yourself lustful thoughts. [13]
“By regarding her tears and her smiles as enemies,
her stooping form, her hanging arms, and her disentangled hair
as toils designed to entrap man’s heart. [16]
“Therefore, I say, restrain the heart,
give it no unbridled license.” [17]”

End Chapter 33″


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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d_MM9osyUU Says:

    Buddha on looking on the opposite sex | paarsurrey

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