Buddha is not an icon of atheism

Buddha is not an icon of atheism. He did not deny in the Creator God.

Christopher Hitchens in his book “God is not great” says in Chapter Fourteen:

“There Is No “Eastern Solution”, meaning thereby that there is no solution in Buddha’s religion; hence it is evident that atheists/agnostics/skeptics don’t believe that he was an agnostic/atheist or skeptic.

Buddha had a religion, rather he was a founder of a religion, while agnostics/atheists and skeptics pronounce they have no religion.

Am I right?

Yet the Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics have no strong reason and or evidence that the Creator God does not exist.

This is their contradiction they demand from others that they themselves don’t have.

Then by their standards the atheists should not claim to be rational, scientific or reasonable even.



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