Ordinary people should not be overburdened with complex scientific terminology

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Paarsurrey wrote:


I think it is understandable that ordinary people would take definition of the words from an ordinary dictionary; why should they be compelled to use a dictionary with scientific terminology?


The problem comes when the people working in the sciences start singling out the ordinary people as if they are ignorant people unless they well understand the scientific terms; I think it is not an appropriate approach; the ordinary people who are a large mass, they should not be overburdened and disturbed this way. The science is for human life; not that the humans are for science.

Paarsurrey says here:

Since religion and science work in different domains they are complementary and are not contradictory of one another. They need not challenge one another. Religious people try to interpret the Word of the one true creator God while the people involved in research of science interpret the current thoughts of science in the study of laws of Nature; interpretations on both sides are never complete; they are on an ever growing process. Nature is the Work of the one true creator God. The Word of God and Work of God are therefore from the same source.

Instead of undermining one another both sides should try to understand Word of the one true God and the Work of Him.

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