Buddha: Preaching is an essential part of his revealed religion

Lotus Flower
The Preacher’s Mission
And the Blessed One said to his disciples: [1]
“When I have passed away and can no longer address you
and edify your minds with religious discourse,
select from among you men of good family and education
to preach the truth in my stead.
And let those men be invested with the robes of the Tathagata,
let them enter into the abode of the Tathagata,
and occupy the pulpit of the Tathagata. [2]
“The robe of the Tathagata is sublime forbearance and patience.
The abode of the Tathagata is charity and love of all beings.
The pulpit of the Tathagata is the comprehension of the good law
in its abstract meaning as well as in its particular application. [3]
“The preacher must propound the truth with unshrinking mind.
He must have the power of persuasion rooted in virtue
and in strict fidelity to his vows. [4]
“The preacher must keep in his proper sphere and be steady in his course.
He must not flatter his vanity by seeking the company of the great,
nor must he keep company with persons who are frivolous and immoral.
When in temptation, he should constantly think of the Buddha and he will conquer. [5]
“All who come to hear the doctrine,
the preacher must receive with benevolence,
and his sermon must be without invidiousness. [6]
“The preacher must not be prone to carp at others,
or to blame other preachers; nor speak scandal, nor propagate bitter words.
He must not mention by name other disciples
to vituperate them and reproach their demeanour. [7]
“Clad in a clean robe, dyed with good colour with appropriate undergarments,
he must ascend the pulpit with a mind free from blame and at peace with the whole world. [8]
“He must not take delight in querulous desputations
or engage in controversies so as to show the superiority of his talents,
but be calm and composed. [9]
“No hostile feelings shall reside in his heart,
and he must never abandon the disposition of charity toward all beings.
His sole aim must be that all beings become Buddhas. [10]
“Let the preacher apply himself with zeal to his work,
and the Tathagata will show to him
the body of the holy law in its transcendent glory.
He shall be honoured as one whom the Tathagata has blessed.
The Tathagata blesses the preacher
and also those who reverently listen to him
and joyfully accept the doctrine. [11]Gospel of Buddha Chapter 47 Verses 1-11 Page 127-128

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