No scientific mistakes in Quran

I write on and it is my favorite forum for discussion. One member started a thread/topic < Scientific mistakes in the Quran?>.

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Paarsurrey wrote:

I contributed following posts there <#51 #42  #33 #32 #30 #18  #16  #15  #11  #8  > one could view them by just clicking one of them. When challenged, nobody came forward to quote a single scientific mistake in Quran.

I just give below three of my posts:

#8  Of the “30 page document withholding Quranic inaccuracies” please quote just one, not many, the most inaccurate one with the text of Quranic verse it pertains to; then prove your viewpoint from the context verses.


#18  Quran does not claim to be a book of science; in its very beginning it states that it guides the God-conscious people to unveil the unseen one true God.

Hence the answer to the OP:

Scientific mistakes in the Quran?

Are there any?

A big “no”.

#30  I agree with you.

Another thing is that science is never final in anything; there is always a room for improvement in knowledge of science; nobody has closed yet the book of science; so why at all compare it with Quran.

Quran leaves the field of science open for search and research for the believers and the non-believers alike; it does not block science for investigation or oppose it.

#32  I did not start the thread.

The topic of the thread, as it is, suggests that it is being alleged that Quran has some scientific mistakes; my stance is that it is wrong.

Science does not have any absolute realities; it is a tool of human beings for physical advancements and with the available data it searches and researches till it matches with the nature; nature is the master. Nature existed when humans had virtually no knowledge of science; and science is subject to improvement as and when new data is obtained. It has no claims to perfectness.

Quran does not oppose science; it leaves the physical and material realms open to search and research of the human beings, the theist and atheist alike.

It is therefore futile to look for any scientific mistakes in Quran; there is none there. Anybody who claims that there are scientific mistakes in Quran has to prove it from the text of the verses and the verses in the context.

I maintain the challenge very humbly. Anybody who alleges that there any scientific mistakes in Quran could write in the forum or here in this blog.


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    No scientific mistakes in Quran | paarsurrey

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