Reason alone cannot find God

Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Mirza Bashir Ahmad

Mirza Bashir Ahmad, an able son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi has written a good note on the above topic, I want that the viewers enjoy it reading:

 Mirza Bashir Ahmad said:

“Two Different Levels of Belief in God

God is far beyond the reach of physical eyes due to His being perfectly subtle and possessing incomprehensible infinite attributes. On the other hand, one’s faith cannot reach perfection nor benefit anyone unless he is at least as convinced of the existence of God as he is of the material things of this world. Hence, God has ordained in His wise scheme of things that man, on his own, may only progress up to a certain point. After that, God Himself descends and lifts man upwards.

In other words, God has divided belief into two levels. The first can be reached by man with the help of his reason alone. The second, however, is beyond the reach of unaided reason. In order to attain this level of faith, some other means have to descend from heaven to assist reason. Only then can man experience true faith in God, as He says in the Holy Quran:

‘Eyes cannot reach Him but He reaches the eyes.

And He is the Incomprehensible, the All-Aware.’

(al-An‘am 6:104)

This means that man can never see God with his eyes nor acquire understanding of Him on his own. God has, therefore, so arranged that He reveals Himself to man. Although He is too subtle for human eyes to behold, he is also All-Knowing.

Hence He knows that man cannot survive spiritually unless he acquires knowledge of his Creator. This is why God Himself makes arrangements to enable man to know Him despite being Subtle and Hidden from human eyes.

Pages 37-38      ” Our God


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2 Responses to “Reason alone cannot find God”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    There’s no such thing as a personal interpretation of God’s Word, the bible. Obviously. If God is the author of all scripture, than the reason for these scriptures is for man to understand the will of God. The truth about it is open to ALL who earnestly seek God.
    If a man wants the truth than it will be made available to him by God.
    John 6:44; “No man can come to me (Jesus), unless God, who sent me, draws him to me.”
    John 6: 65; ” “This is why I have said to ​YOU, No one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.””
    THAT’S the deal. It explains things to me for which I could not otherwise comprehend.
    Many intellects ‘want’ the truth about just about everything. They want it because it pleases them to know; not because they exercise faith in God, or have love of man.
    A hard pill to swallow for self reliant man is that his knowledge of God prior to an understanding of God’s Word, is based on his own finite human judgement and reasoning. If this man’s heart is in it to have a relationship with God, than the unlearning can begin; and true wisdom can take hold. The mind doesn’t always believe what faith needs to be nourished. What do ya get as a result of what ya believe ?


  2. One should reflect over the universe time and again | paarsurrey Says:

    […] […]


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