Purification of self or ego leads one to one true God | Quran


Three states of self or ego: Quran


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi says:


Quran mentions three states of self or ego; if I have understood you correctly.

  • First Source: the Self That Incites to Evil

The first spring which is the source of all natural states is designated by the Holy Quran the Nafsi Ammarah, which means the self that incites to evil, as it says:

“The soul is surely prone to enjoin evil (The Holy Quran, Yusuf 12:54)”. Page 4 of the book.

This means that it is characteristic of the human self that it incites man to evil and is opposed to his attainment of perfection and to his moral state, and urges him towards undesirable and evil ways.

  • Second Source; the Reproving Self

The source of the moral state of man is designated by the Holy Quran Nafsi Lawwamah, as is said:

“And I do call to witness the self-accusing soul (The Holy Quran, alQiyamah 75:3)” Page 5 of the book

I call to witness the self that reproves itself for every vice and intemperance. This reproving self is the second source of human state from which the moral state is generated.

  • The third source which should be described as the beginning of the spiritual state of man is called by the Holy Quran Nafsi Mutma’innah, that is to say, the soul

at rest, as is said:

“That is, O soul at rest that has found comfort in God return to thy Lord, thou well pleased with Him “And you, O soul at peace! Return to your Lord well pleased with Him and He well pleased with you. So enter you among My chosen servants, And enter you My Garden. (The Holy Quran, al-Fajr 89:28-31)” Page 7 of the book.

And He well pleased with thee. Now join My chosen servants and enter into My garden. This is the stage when the soul of a person being delivered from all weaknesses is filled with spiritual powers and establishes a relationship with God Almighty without Whose support it cannot exist.”


One could read the details from pages 4-7 of the following book:

“The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi




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