Will Jesus’ remains ever be found?

Naturally Jesus remains will be found where Jesus was buried after his natural death.

Jesus did not die on the Cross; though he was put on the Cross yet he was delivered in near-dead condition from the Cross. He was treated for his injuries in the tomb of Joseph of Armethia. When he got recovered, he secretly left Jerusalem and along with his mother Mary; he travelled to India where lost tribes of Israel resided. He died a natural and peaceful death at the ripe age of 120 years. He is buried at Mohallah Khanyar, Srinagar, India.

His remains must be in that tomb.

The Kashmir Tomb

The burial place of Jesus in Kashmir is known to the locals as Rauzabal, meaning the Honored Tomb.

It is known as the tomb of Yuz Asaf, which may be of Buddhist derivation (see link) or possibly from Yusu or Yehoshua (Jesus) the Gatherer.

Local tradition states that the entombed was a prophet of Ahle-Kitab, or People of the Book, and his name was Isa – the Quranic name for Jesus.

The prophet Yuz Asaf came to Kashmir from the West (Holy Land) in the reign of Raja Gopdatta (c 1st century A.D) according to the ancient official documents held by the current custodian of the tomb.

Some of the most extensive research on the tomb has been conducted by the now retired famous historian and former Head of Archaelogy for State of Kashmir, Professor Fida Hassnain.

The tomb is Jewish, as attested by the direction the grave is lying. Next to the grave is a footprint engraved in stone, an artistic rendition of the wounds of crucifixion.

One could see following documentaries in this connection:

BBC Documentary

Indian Govt. Documentary


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