Buddha was not an Agnostic



Buddha was not an Agnostic, in my opinion; his ways have nothing common with the atheists. Just to gain some ground the Atheists, in my opinion, try to include him in their folds but ultimately they reject him one being with them.

I may, for instance, here refer to Christopher Hitchens, he had to write a chapter in one of his books “There is no ‘Eastern’ solution”, I think keeping that in his mind.

The truthful religion favors free enquiry and does not favor blind faith.

Buddha was not with the Agnostics; he spoke against Skepticism/Agnosticism:

Courtesy our friend Tathagata (#79)

“The Buddha was NOT an Agnostic. It is scripturally false to say he was an Agnostic. He was in fact vehemently opposed to Agnosticism and he called them “evasive eel-wrigglers.” See the Brahmajala Sutta and the Samannaphala Sutta.


“Ambiguous Evasion [edit]

The concept of ambiguous evasion or eel-wriggling (Pali: Amaravikkhepa) is introduced in the Brahmajala sutta. When hearing Buddhist teachings, the Buddha claims that people would react with four forms of ambiguous evasion:

  1. Evasion out of fear or hatred of making false claims.
  2. Evasion out of fear or hatred of attachment.
  3. Evasion out of fear or hatred of debate.
  4. Evasion out of fear or hatred of admitting ignorance.

In other words, when a person would hear the dharma, they would respond, “I don’t know. Maybe it is true. Maybe it is not true. I can’t say it’s true because I don’t know and I can’t deny it’s true because I don’t know.”

The idea is that the person isn’t considering the arguments presented (see Kalama Sutta), but stubbornly adhering to irrational agnosticism out of feelings of fear or hatred.”



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One Response to “Buddha was not an Agnostic”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    “I don’t know” was the first wise and insightful statement I made in my life.

    I like the principle scientist use; search and research; always with the open mind.

    Having a goal in search and research is good. As long as one doesn’t let any preconceived ideas about the goal, get in the way; truth can be found. ANSWERS.

    My mom used to have sayings. One that she stole from somebody else, I really find insightful and wise is; “The truth always comes out in the wash.”

    The slower one goes; the less one misses. That’s mine. At least I believe I’m the first one to state it. Probably not. I didn’t steal it tho.

    I had a young lady tell me she had ‘trust issues’.

    I told her she didn’t have ‘trust issues’. I explained to her that it was her selfishness that causes all her difficulties IN ALL relationships.

    A miracle happened. She asked me what I meant!!!

    Awesome. Sign of humility and intelligence. I asked her what did she WANT from the last ‘relationship’ with a man, BEFORE she actually became involved with him.

    After some, talking it out. (people aren’t used to going inside for the answers) she saw that she wanted him to ‘make her feel better’. She was able to see that it wasn’t that he cheated on her that was the cause of her pain and ‘trust issues’; it was her selfishness. Making decisions based on self interest placed her in a position to be hurt. His conduct is irrelevant. MOST people can’t see that. Especially women. It has a lot to do with the purpose of their creation, and man’s treatment of them since Eve. When a human being finds that they are the source of ALL the difficulties they have had or will have, most are genuinely enlightened.

    I have much hope for this young lady. She has become conscious of God; because she responded to truth with inquiry.
    The answers to weather God IS or ISN’T is not in ANY book. The truth about that is really inside.

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