Buddha, Krishna and Moses trod the same path

I have written the following post on my favourite discussion forum; the topic is“Peaceful Buddha for waging defensive war if attacked by enemy” < http://www.religiousforums.com/forum/general-religious-debates/147887-peaceful-buddha-waging-defensive-war-if-2.html>; one could view the same and comment there or in this blog paarsurrey, my pleasure.

Paarsurrey says: 

Post  #1 Buddha says:

“And the Blessed One said: “The Tathagata is like unto a powerful king who rules his kingdom with righteousness, but being attacked by envious enemies goes out to wage war against his foes. When the king sees his soldiers fight he is delighted with their gallantry and will bestow upon them donations of all kinds. Ye are the soldiers of the Tathagata, while Mara, the Evil One, is the enemy who must be conquered. And the Tathagata will give to his soldiers the city of Nirvana, the great capital of the good law. And when the enemy is overcome, the Dharma-raja, the great king of truth, will bestow upon all his disciples the most precious crown which jewel brings perfect enlightenment, supreme wisdom, and undisturbed peace.” 26

The Gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus Chapter: XLVII. THE PREACHER’S MISSION.



Post  #8   You can read it on-line, please:


No harm to have a hard copy though.

Post  #9  This is exactly what Krishna did with his adversaries.

This tells all revealed religions in origin are from one source of the one true God.

Post  #12  If the example or the metaphor did not fit in case of Buddha; he would have not spoken about it.

I don’t agree with you.

Post  #19  As Buddha explained, please refer to the OP; Moses did the same.

So Buddha, Krishna and Moses trod the same path, the only rational and middle path.

All three are comparable, in my opinion.




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