Why am I Still A Christian?

Paarsurrey says:
I think Jesus did not believe in the Christian God; so why do you believe in it?

My Progress With God

     A common question among believers and non-believers when finding out that I became a Christian not so long ago and/or upon hearing my background in unbelief is along the lines of: “How did you become a Christian?” Depending on the person asking the emphasis is either on “How”, “you”, or “Christian”.  Each variant requires it’s own emphasis on specific parts of the same story, which you can read in the “About” section of this blog.  Now, I will admit that my testimony, as with most others, is highly subjective and emotionally based, so I think a more important question to ask, which no one ever does, is: “Why are you still a Christian?”

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One Response to “Why am I Still A Christian?”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    ‘Thinking” would be the key word here. Relying on your own understanding and NOT the WORD of God is precarious at best for truth. Always seeking but never coming to an accurate knowledge of God. If you had the TRUTH about God, it would be because you FOUND IT, by God pulling you toward it. It is not the truth you really want, it seems.

    It appears to me,that it is to be right. As for me; I would rather have peace than be right! I KNOW GOD IS. I BELIEVE the bible IS His Word. Again, the answers to your question is here, but you cannot see it, because it is not truth that you seek. God loves you – NO MATTER WHAT.

    Unless it is you learning about the Word of God,you will always be trying to convince others they are wrong and you are right. You can just share what you believe about God. You don’t have to try and pick arguments and knock on what other people believe. Just share the scriptures. WHAT; you THINK you can do better than GOD? Obviously IF the scriptures you subscribe to are from God ,than why can you not rely on them for ALL THINGS?.Let the scriptures do the talking I DO. There’s no need for any ice breaking here. It’s done already.

    I am starting to believe that I can’t be useful to you. Get back to your peacefulness. You cannot be useful and antagonistic.

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