Quran’s real charm is its profound system of meaning conveyed in its message

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Quran does not mention it; that could be only opinions of those who claim it.

It is true that Quran if read in the Arabic language a little loudly in a manner that it does not disturb others has its own spell-bound charm; that cannot be denied.

Nevertheless; its real charm is its profound system of meaning conveyed in its message; one could benefit from, in any language.

I have personal experience of this; people borrow questions from unfriendly websites; but when referred to Quran, for the text and context, the questions become irrelevant.

One may just try it.

The focus of praying in Arabic is for preservation of the text; along-with the Arabic one could silently make a translation in one’s own language, it is not forbidden.

It is emphasized that one should also pray in one’s own mother-tongue for personal prays (supplications) in sajda (Prostration) or ruku (bowing down following the recitation of the Quran in the standing position while praying); that is most appreciated. The stress is that one’s spirit should move along the body.

For the “holy language” or that other languages are “unholy”; citation from Quran may please be given.

I may add here that all translations, in fact, are commentaries as one could translate only to the extent one understands; if one does not understand fully one’s translation would be defective to that extent.

#130 Translations of Quran are not the real word of God; that is factual and reasonable; that does not mean that Quran should not be translated for understanding it.

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