Buddha believed in one true God: Union with Brahma


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Gospel of Buddha

When the Buddha had thus spoken, one of the Brahmans said:
“We are told, Gotama, that the Sakyamuni knows the path to a union with Brahma.” 27
And the Blessed One said: “What do you think, O Brahmans, of a man born and brought up in Manasakata? Would he be in doubt about the most direct way from this spot to Manasakata?” 28
“Certainly not, Gotama.” 29
“Thus,” replied the Buddha, “the Tathagata knows the straightpath that leads to a union with Brahma. He knows it as one who has entered the world of Brahma and has been born in it. There can be no doubt in the Tathagata.” 30
And the two young Brahmans said: “If thou knowest the way show it to us.” 31
And the Buddha said: 32
“The Tathagata sees the universe face to face and understands its nature. He proclaims the truth…

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2 Responses to “Buddha believed in one true God: Union with Brahma”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    I did not know that Buddha believed in God. I had learned that people took him as a source of worship. That he himself believed that becoming self-realized was the path to true bliss. He claimed, that although his body would die, who he really is, would live on eternally.

    I understand Krsna (why people claim that spelling is incorrect is because they have not read the original translation of the Vedas). Is suppose to be the personification of God. Personality of Godhead. Brahma the same. Vishnu the same. Rama the same. All these personalities are claimed to be varies forms of God.

    It’s been some time since I researched these items. I could be wrong as I often am.
    The deal is, for me, is that I desire to know more about the Will of God.

    These personalities were a good source of transcendental knowledge for peaceful coexistence with all living beings.
    The problem I have now is that all these teachings separate the soul from the body as Satan did in the garden of Eden, when Satan claimed Eve would NOT die if she ate from the forbidden tree.

    These teachings claim there is no Satan. That the human being can separate himself from the body. That the soul is a separate entity. That we are all part and parcel of God. That existence came into being, or HUMAN existence came into being when Krsna separated himself into ALL things. It states that a man can become perfect in human from without God. In essence, man can become one whole PART of God he was MEANT to be, but forgets about this truth until he has lived many lives, and no longer needs to come back and answers to Karma. Karma can be into a lower life form, such as plants, to insects, to animal, to human, and then ultimately free from the confines of material nature into the spirit or God realm.

    All this goes contrary to bible teachings that the soul is the living human being. Man dies, and only God can resurrect him to eternal life.

    Again, these Vedas, and Buddhism teach that evil doesn’t exist. Since all beings are immortal then it is only the human experience and learning the truth about who we really are and SERVICE to a bone-fide spiritual master (a self-realized, indoctrinated) is necessary to escape to confines of the material nature.

    I do not believe these teachings, as good as they sound, really recognize God as the creator of all that is.
    A man must make up his own mind about the truth. All these teachings, including the bible, cannot be truth. They absolutely contradict each other. Either God is or God isn’t. Either we are a living soul, or we are not. God created us to live forever in a paradise earth. Becoming a non-physical body doesn’t appeal to me. Neither does living forever in this world the way it presently is.

    I can not understand a reasonable man believing this world changing, without some entity stepping in and changing it drastically, the way the bible claims WILL happen. God does not portray us as perfect little creatures who will one day eventually graduate to spirit form, abandoning the earth. He states that ALL men have fallen short of perfection, to a point that the earth will be destroyed unless he steps in to change it. THAT goes perfectly harmonious with the world as it is. Not as it can be IMAGINED.

    The former teachings tickle the ear of men. It is obvious why people believe these teachings are superior to the bible. They claim no evil exist. That the only sin is ignorance. That’s not the direction this world is heading without God.Imagine believing you are really not going to die. That this world is just a dream. That the REAL YOU is a eternal spirit that cannot die? Sounds GOOD.

    But to believe the bible is to be hit in the conscience and absolutely no guarantee to eternal life. Only God knows all truth about after life and the earths future. Sounds less ear tickling. I see it making man more concerned with himself than with altruistic endeavors. I see beautiful mountains and lakes with people living in harmony and working together in the sunshine and eventually……. who knows what God has in store?? That is in harmony for the human I am. Sounds like a more pleasing future for me.

    I don’t dig a none material world to live in. Not this world to live in, but the one after Satan is cast into the abyss, sounds more like what God intended!

  2. paarsurrey Says:

    You wrote “I could be wrong as I often am.”.

    It is your humbleness; and I appreciate that.

    You seem to have studied a lot; and made a lot of research.


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