The true religion invites comparison

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Originally Posted by Gram28I believe that the one true religion will embrace the spirit of freedom of religion and freedom to choose, confident that it will win out. Those of a false religion will tend to erect laws forbidding the free exchange of literature and freedom to practice it- thus indicating their falsity. Now look at the countries of particular concern and decide for yourself which religion(s) is subconsciously proclaiming itself false while claiming that it’s true and will take over the world.

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The sentence in the bolds describes Islam.

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This is incorrect. The Quran says that those who believe in God, the angels, the messengers, and the last day, will have their reward with god. This does away with alot of eastern religion. The Quran also states that god hates the unbelievers. This does away with every religion but Islam. The Hadith separates man into two camps, the believers, or Ummah, and the unbelievers, the kafir. So how exactly does Islam foster the spirit of religious tolerance, and the freedom to choose one’s religion? Even though the Quran says that Jews and Christians are basically the same as Muslims, they are highly persecuted in predominantly Islamic nations. So please explain how your statement is true.



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Please quote the specific verse of Quran; that may clarify your point.


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4:136, 2:62, 5:69. Those are the ones off the top of my head. But why do you ask what verses I spoke of-surely you know your own book better than I do.


Paarsurrey says:

I take the first reference mentioned by dyanaprajna2011 and give it here with one verse preceding and one verse following for the context:

[4:136] O ye who believe! be strict in observing justice, and be witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourselves or against parents and kindred. Whether he be rich or poor, Allah is more regardful of them both than you are. Therefore follow not low desires so that you may be able to act equitably. And if you conceal the truth or evade it, then remember that Allah is well aware of what you do.
[4:137] O ye who believe! believe in Allah and His Messenger, and in the Book which He has revealed to His Messenger, and the Book which He revealed before it. And whoso disbelieves in Allah and His angels, and His Books, and His Messengers, and the Last Day, has surely strayed far away.
[4:138] Those who believe, then disbelieve, then again believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will never forgive them nor will He guide them to the way.

The Holy Quran Arabic text with Translation in English text and Search Engine – Al Islam Online

I don’t think the verse is in any way against other religions; to me, other religions are not even remotely mentioned in the verse or in the verses in the context.

Will one kindly justify one’s viewpoint from the verse 4:136/137?


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One Response to “The true religion invites comparison”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    The bible is the only scriptural book that teaches we are a soul that is not eternal. ALL other scriptural books teach that we are actually immortal beings inside these bodies. This is what the serpent told Eve in the garden!! God said to Adam he would die if he ate from the tree in the center of the garden. The serpent told Eve she would positively NOT DIE. Satan’s claim calls God a liar. ONLY ONE religion teaches that we are a living soul, as the bible states, that doesn’t survive death! ALL the rest claim the soul lives on as separate from the body! Interesting!

    If the latter were true that would make us immortal creatures like God! ONE HATED AND JUDGED religion my friend, teaches only what is in the bible as the Word of God. Look at what the bible teaches about the soul.The devil told Eve she POSITIVELY will not die. All religions, SAVE ONE, preach that very concept!!. The MAJORITY claim to be only telling the truth about what God’s Word, the bible states!

    ONLY GOD has the power to resurrect, unless God grants it to another, as in the case of Jesus, and Jesus given the AUTHORITY by God to allow his disciples the same power.

    Boy, people love the idea of being an immortal being. No wonder why they buy into it. It is amazing how many people in bible based religions never check to see if what the ONE man from the podium is saying is actually true!

    The truth about religion is that it’s leaders are constantly stating “we are right and you are wrong” This self-righteous attitude is contagious. That beginning of placing men upon pedestals is fermented in just such settings. It only invites disharmony. The truth is that people get caught up in knocking the other guy down, in order to proclaim their own self-righteousness. It may not start out this way. Good intentions and all. It becomes this battle, that no one wins. Here, all perspective is lost.

    It is the truth about God and our purpose and future that most people seek the answers to . They too easily miss the lessons in conduct and our behavior in the treatment of others,because they have ONE man trying to win their attention,and not focused on study. Since when is learning about the word of God about NOT serious study of the bible?

    A man that walks with God is not interested in proving anyone wrong. These judgements are reserved for God. It is he that collects the payment for all sin.

    When I look at my own short-comings, past and present, it is clear to me that I have no room to be judgmental of you! BUT I do! I am a hypocrite. The lowest of sinners, and unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness. It is only out of His undeserved kindness that I am allowed to eagerly share His message, as a witness to all men. It is my only hope of redemption.

    There was a time when I said, “there is no God”. Who am I to say there is no God ?? What special knowledge could one possess to make such a blasphemous claim.? The arrogance and ignorance to conclude I am the alpha and omega on truth about God.

    I am NOT. I only know a little. If all the words God spoke and Jesus spoke were written down, the writing would still be going on.That is just in the span of the 1600 plus years of the writing of the books of the bible!

    LOOK! One cannot conclude the bible is not the word of God, without the assistance of God in serious study of the bible. If one has done such a thing, there are so many questions that come up in the mind of intelligent man. What is this talk of “seed” in Genesis? If they read it,they would have questions NOT answers. Even tho the bible is written in a ‘chronological’ manner, one cannot comprehend it by a simple read of the book front to back. There is a reason why the book SEEMS to take over 1600 pages to state things that many claim could be simply listed. If you KNOW the bible than you should be able to answer any question about it’s CONTENTS without claiming “it’s a mystery”, or rely on your own reasoning IN PLACE OF THE SCRIPTURES IN IT, to answer ANY questions! If the bible is the word of God, than IT SHOULD ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS CONCERNING LIFE AND DEATH!.

    People don’t really want to know what is really in the bible. It is the only book having taken 1600 years to write, by over 40 authors, that is in complete harmony with itself! IT is also the most widely spread book in the whole world. God claims in the bible that this very controversy will happen in the times of the end. Less people believe in God than ever before. IN RATIO. Because of all the self-seeking preachers and hypocrites throughout the last 40 years, people have become turned off to ALL religions. Their love for their fellow man has ‘waxed cold’.

    Just like in the days of Noah, no one will take notice until God intervenes, then, for those living it will be to late if they are in the great multitude that turn against God’s people.

    If one has been paying attention, the idea of laws being passed that out-law religion because of all the ideological extremism causing violence, isn’t that far-fetched of a truth. Not sure what form it will take, but false religion will fall, and only those doing the will of God, will then be under great threat by governments to renounce their faith, by penalty of possible death and or losing position and material wealth.

    This takes place after MANY catalyst destroy people and property. LOOK! We already know our governments rely on self will to solve all man’s problems in the world. Do you honestly believe we are “One Nation Under God” ? It is hard to imagine these things taking place in the near future? Life can change on a dime. Didn’t you FEEL the change in the air, the DAY OF 9/11? I did. I didn’t know what I know now either. I felt an increase in FEAR. The very thing Satan brought to the garden. The bible says only God knows the day and the hour.

    It repeatedly tells us to KEEP ON THE WATCH. It uses so many parables to show that one may not be able to know the precise minute a neighbor will knock on the door, but, if one is paying attention they can observe them leave their own house, and even with more diligence can see them approach their walkway! It’s ALL in the bible The road to life is narrow and cramped, and few find it. The road to destruction is wide and spacious, and many are on it!!

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