Paul’s mythical Cross cracks under Ahmadia arguments


• Christians change their stand ; Jesus died of flogging not by torture on Cross
• In my opinion Jesus neither died of flogging nor of torture on Cross
• Jesus died honourably and naturally later at some point in the history

ubahleeob says:

While commenting on the post :”Jesus’ short duration on Cross; death on Cross is meant to take days, not hours”

I have received following e-mail from our Christien friend ubahleeob of

He (Jesus) had been beaten, relentlessly for hours. The scripture says that he did not even appear human. We know that he was at the point of exhaustion, he was not able to carry his cross — another had to carry it for him. And yes, crucifixion can take days. However, the Nazi’s used this type of torture (suspending people from their arms) and some of these poor souls died in less than an…

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