Difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims


Question and Answer session with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, 5 November 1995


Please start viewing the video, setting play-head position, for the relevant Q #9 @ 01:34:35: What is the difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims? Its answer ends @ 01:38:29; the answer is only: 3.94 in duration.

Paarsurrey noted following hint words and syllables in the contents of the reply to the questions asked, in case of doubt, please hear the video and correct accordingly:

They believe Imam Mahdi, Messiah would come; we believe Jesus has come in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, they believe that Jesus is alive and would come at a later time, they believe that a prophet cannot come yet they believe Jesus a prophet would come after Muhammad,


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2 Responses to “Difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    Well, then we have a bible written over the course of 1600 years, in which there is absolutely no chance of conspiracy, that, at the same time flows harmoniously through generations of time. Prophesies made and fulfilled in that time. The presence and birth of Jesus prophesied in the OT and fulfilled in the NT. It’s the FIRST Time and place Jesus is mentioned. The chances of the bible being nonsense or Jesus of the bible not being the Son of the only True God are ZERO my friend. 1600 years, at least 40 authors. There is NO WAY they could have conspired with each other.

    The claims you listen to other people make about the bible, without having studied it yourself, doesn’t really make you appear as a seeker of truth. It makes you lazy and apathetic at best. I have studied it, I know, as I continue too, that you have not, because it shows in the claims you have made about it, that have all to easily been proven by the bible to be untrue. Why would the answers you have been shown here, that come directly from the scriptures, NOT cause you to question the integrity and motives of the people giving you false information about what exactly the bible states?? If they have said things about the bible that have been proven false by the bible, why not look into the bible yourself?

    I was recently told by a true friend that there are self proclaimed gurus who are all over this world that spread stories about the writing of the bible and it’s contents. They claim that the English translations of the bible resemble the original Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek scriptures very little. They claim an actual conspiracy to hide the truth, truth, that THEY, it just so happens, HAVE.
    The real truth is that there were certain words, like God’s name, that original translators were afraid of pronouncing wrongly, SO, the just used “Lord” and “God” interchangeably. Also, the word ‘she’ol, for ‘the common grave of man”, and the word “gehenna”, for the place they dumped and burned diseased bodies, outside Jerusalem. Fire was used in revelation to describe Satan’s ultimate fate, for the second death, or final judgement. IT states that satan and all those who follow him, including angels and demons and humans, “will be cast into the lake of fire” .

    When the translation is ‘everlasting cutting off’ which means final death or death with no resurrection. The original translators got it wrong in this respect. The called genna and sheol “hell”, because they saw in revelations the lake of fire, and concluded man had two ways to go in death, Heaven with God or Hell with Satan.

    The lake of fire is an erroneous conclusion and translation. EVERY SINGLE translator after the King James bible, just translated from it into THE TRANSLATORS words, Always 1 man interpreting the King James version. Only 1 translation of the Aramaic and Hebrew and Greek scriptures into English exist today.(that I know of) That is one(1) ACCURATE translation exist today. In 1935 a group of men(I forgot the number, more than 10) started translating the original Aramaic and Hebrew scriptures into modern English. 10 years later they finished. Then they began translating the Greek scriptures. Ten(10) years later they were finished.

    It is called “The New World Translation of The Holy Scriptures”. 20 years. The work they did was painstaking. Until then, there was NO PROOF that the idea of “hell’ was just evidence of ignorance. Until then God didn’t have a name, for the bible mentions many gods,but they all translations claim “Hallowed be thy NAME”. (The true words are “let your name be sanctified”) God is not a name, it’s a title, like ‘king’ or ‘sir’ or ‘prince’. “God” is NOT A NAME. The first translators were superstitious about pronouncing it wrong. It was spelled without vowels something like YHWYH; These humble men decided God’s name was best pronounced Jehovah; as in most king james bible’s Psalms 83:18 has Jehovah as the name of God.Some have it as God.

    It looks stupid because the scripture states “that you alone lord, who’s name is God, are the most high over all the earth”. Doesn’t make sense at all. Anyways, The bible I read has restored God’s name some 2000 times as the original scriptures had it. But, other than that, most of the translations were close. They have the basic truth and directions one needs for eternal life. Not much more is really important. Unless you believe Jehovah is a jealous God and has his own ideas about what conduct is appropriate and what truth worship should look like.

    If you believe Jehovah wants exclusive devotion, and claims you need to ‘keep on the watch’ in the last days. IF one believes that, than they might want to consider what the bible means by God ‘spitting out those who are luke warm’ when they come to Him claiming they believed in Him but did not serve Him or seek accurate truth about Him.!

  2. I have studied Bible, both OT and NT, from cover to cover | paarsurrey Says:

    This with a reference to Hank Kimball’s narration “The claims you listen to other people make about the bible, without having studied it yourself, doesn’t really make you appear as a seeker of truth. It makes you lazy and apathetic at best.”

    […] (While commenting on one of posts <https://paarsurrey.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/difference-between-ahmadi-muslims-and-other-muslims/#comm…>) […]

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