The Gold Calf

Paarsurrey says: Good thoughts. It was not Aaron who made the Gold Calf; it was one Samiri who did it.

One may like to read a write-up from me titled “Trinity: a Golden calf, invented by Paul”:

Common Sense

The story of the Gold Calf in the book of Exodus has to be one of my favorites. It is a story of an incredibly jealous god and a ridiculously stupid group of people, which ended up raising a ton of red flags for me about god and Christianity.

It starts off with a group of people waiting around for Moses to return to them from the mountain conversation he is having with god. They are getting a little antsy and are starting to think that Moses will not return. They clearly have no other purpose in their lives but to praise and blindly follow anything and everything because, after a while, they approach Aaron begging him to make them a new god since this one is taking so long. Aaron, who is one of god’s newly appointed priests, says, “Sure” and tells them all to break off their gold earrings for…

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One Response to “The Gold Calf”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    Were you aware of the fact that God states in the bible, anyone working on ‘the sabbath’ or Sunday will be put to death; that Sunday MUST be a complete day of rest? Exodus 31;15-17: Six days may work be done, but on the seventh day is a sabbath of complete rest. It is something holy to Jehovah. Anyone doing work on the sabbath day will positively be put to death. And the sons of Israel must keep the sabbath, so as to carry out the sabbath during their generations. It is a covenant to time indefinite. Between me and the sons of Israel it is a sign to time indefinite, because in six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day he rested and proceeded to refresh himself.’”

    THAT sounds insanely CRAZY. How could a God of love put a person to death because they actually worked?

    There’s one big truth that people completely miss about God. It is that people have usually formed an IDEAL about God long before they ever pray, study, ask questions or become so-called “saved”. There is absolutely no possible way anyone can prove God exists. At the same time, the opposite is true.

    I had stated before that I have come to believe that God, although omnipotent, learns from experience. He has a ‘learning curve’. People already have a picture of what God IS, BEFORE any knowledge or experience with God!! Now THAT is not only stupid to do about anything, it is the bases for people becoming shame based about religion, so can either only be superficial in their beliefs or out-right atheistic. Either way,for those impressed some how in the very early years of life, with fixed ideas about God, it is EITHER ONE EXTREME OR THE OTHER.

    I consider myself fortunate to have sought God long before I ever began reading the bible. Even so, I didn’t start my experience with God, by using any of the ideas that I had about God. I began my ‘search’ for God with setting aside all ideas I had about God that I could not prove to MYSELF were tangible to ME. Any idea I had about God, I first asked myself where did I come to have that ‘knowledge’ concerning God? I quickly realized I had just about zero actual personal knowledge of God. This was 25 years ago and I was suffering from a disease that would positively kill me if I could not receive a miracle from God. I had tried everything humanly possible to arrest this disease. No doctor, no medicine, no treatment or so-called miracle cures worked, NOTHING. I was beyond human aid. I decided I needed to get serious about God. So that’s what I did. The ideas I had had about God didn’t sound crazy or beyond the scope of someone of faith having. But the truth is, I had made mostly all of it up in my own head, and never even looked at that as the truth.

    I needed a Power greater than human power to arrest the disease and restore me to health. Obviously. It came to me to consider all source of power. Naturally I rather quickly came to the power of nature. By eliminating the power of water, electricity, wind, fire, because all those a human could somehow alter or control in some ways. The power I needed to find was beyond the reach of humans to effect or have control over. I came to believe that the Power of creation itself was the ONLY power beyond human power. The more I had thought about that very Power I came to believe that, by the nature of creation itself, there must be an intelligent and creative powerful mind behind it all. Reasoning became the very process by which I came to believe that God could restore me to health, and arrest this disease. I wasn’t suppose to see 30. I’ll be 50 in December. There is actually no trace detectable in me, of the rapacious creditor which had almost bled me of all will to fight it. Each year, at every check up, for the last 24 years, it became less and less, until February when ‘no trace’, doctor’s words, not mine, when I became living proof to all those that know me, of the Power of believing and God’s Grace. No disease is EVER less and less over a 24 year time span, to the point of disappeared! Any incurable and chronic disease NEVER gets better without outside human help in the form of medication ; it always gets WORSE over time. NEVER BETTER. ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT.

    I began to study the bible last year. It was as if one day I didn’t understand what was in it, to the next day when I found that I was formulating what it meant in my head, and would check it out with other people I study with. Sometimes they understand it too, and other times they check with elders or our governing body, and I am in understanding. Daniel , Zechariah, Zephaniah, and Revelation used to be like trying to comprehend calculus in third grade. It just wasn’t gonna happen. WE ARE living in the “difficult times hard to deal with”

    It is NOT easy. God had to become more loving and tolerant. Moses begged for his people’s life. Now if the RIGHT thing to do was to wipe them out as God had wanted to, WHY DIDN’T GOD DO IT? In God’s heart God knew it was wrong and so didn’t Moses, otherwise he never would have asked God not to. NOW, all of the sudden, God isn’t perfect, as WE measure perfect. So right away God cannot be, and the whole God business is a sham!! And this THINKING IS SOLELY based on our preconceived ideas about what God should be. It IS NOT based on common sense at all.

    We had been approaching God with prejudice and feeling; NEVER with JUST the desire to learn something we hadn’t known before, with an open mind. We approach the bible telling ourselves precisely how God is to behave, and when he doesn’t to our liking, we give up at least, and at most we preach our anger to others. Never do people consider reading ALL of it either. We are made in His image. God is a jealous God. He wants and deserves exclusive devotion. Shit, if the Jews had disrespected me a tenth as much as they had God, I would have led them into the red sea and, as the Pharaoh’s men were killing them, I’d drown them on top of it. How is it that we can judge how jealous or petty God can or cannot be? They couldn’t wait 40 days? God led them out of generations of slavery!!!! They did it knowing it would piss God off. They provoked his wrath and God wanted to wipe them out. Look at them today. Didn’t believe Jesus was God’s Son then, and had him killed. They still don’t think Jesus came. These people were suppose to be God’s ‘chosen’ ones.??

    There’s a lot in the bible to be revealed. But you don’t want knowledge of God. You want God in a nice neat package that fits into what you believe God should be. Let me let you in on a little secret. No body gets to really know somebody when they already have them all figured out. An open mind means JUST THAT. In spite of logic reason and common sense, we investigate until all is revealed to us, but always with the open mind. It is the bases of all sound scientific discovery. Search and research, always with the open mind!

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