Jesus dying as substitution of others’ sins is just mythical and superfluous

Hank Kimball says:

(In reply to my post:”Did Jesus himself claim that he was sent for the atonement of sins of others?”)

There is NO sin that cannot be forgiven. I did not know that at one time, but I believe the bible is the word of God. Isaiah 1;18:”Come, now, ​YOU​ people, and let us set matters straight between us,” says Jehovah. “Though the sins of ​YOU​ people should prove to be as scarlet, they will be made white just like snow; though they should be red like crimson cloth, they will become even like wool”.

Paarsurrey says:

I think Jesus words should be understood in the light of the Isaiah 1; 18:

Jesus words narrated in NT seem to be doctored by Paul and or the Church.

If sins can be washed off with repentance, asking forgiveness from one true God and resolve not to commit the sin anymore in the time of Isaiah and before him and after him to Jesus’ time; and that is a very reasonable and natural approach; there is no need of any human ransom.

Jesus did not die on the Cross in the first place; so the theory of Jesus dying for the sins of others or anybody else as substitution is just mythical and superfluous.

You may like to read answer to Question-1 from the following book by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah:

I give a facsimile of the page-one from the same; please view it at the end of the post.

One may read the whole answer to the question.

Of course you may have your own opinion.


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3 Responses to “Jesus dying as substitution of others’ sins is just mythical and superfluous”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    Now that you have asked me the questions you believe would prove the bible a lie, you have been shown by the scriptures, NOT ME, that it is your faith that is built upon sand. So, CONSPIRACY is your only recourse, being a young man of immense pride. It is better to be lowly of mind, and believe that you do not know everything. To take the word of a book written 630 years after Jesus birth, is one thing. With all the conflict and killing of Muslims by so-called christians of that day; how can one possibly believe what a man, at that time, had to say about the CENTER of Christianity – JESUS ?? Obviously he is going to claim Christians are not God’s people. The truth is, that by 600,or even 200, c.e. the truth had been forsaken, JUST AS the bible states. That wasn’t Paul’s doing. It is the nature of man.

    You have asked me questions, you assumed the bible didn’t have the answer to. Obviously, you have never studied the bible, but chose instead, to believe what others tell you is the truth. I showed you the answers in the bible. EACH AND EVERY TIME THE BIBLE PROVED TRUE, and you without accurate knowledge. You are like a guy in the woods, and the road is right there. The bible states what it takes to receive eternal life. John 17:3;- ‘This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.’
    It states,that just by the very act of taking in knowledge of God and Jesus, one will have eternal life. This sounds erroneous to conclude. Too simple and easy. It is simple, but it is NOT easy. The very act of taking in accurate knowledge causes a spiritual awakening that first proves the bible is. When you almost automatically begin to see, feel, hear, and act differently than you did before. When you experience an enlightening of the mind, and a strengthening of the will, when ALL YOU DID was study the bible, you begin to believe the secrets it uncovers and see the world and it’s people as they are, you want to know more. The bible contradicts common sense and so-called scientific truths. It seems to claim the birth of the earth in a few short days. I know, I know, it is completely against modern day knowledge to believe some of it’s claims. That is something no man can convince anyone against. Believe what you want. This is America. You can believe anything you want my friend.

  2. Hank Kimball Says:

    And it wasn’t as a ‘substitute’ for sins. It was as a replacement for Adam’s imperfect life. Because of Jesus sacrificial death, all men now have the possibility of ETERNAL life. Man cannot have eternal life without the sacrifice. Man can be forgiven of sins, so he does not have to carry them consciously, through God. But the payment for sins is death. Once resurrected a man is free of his sins, right? After all, he paid for them with death. Many people get this all mixed up. Of course MOST people don’t seek the answers in the bible. It’s easier and softer to just ask someone who claims to be the ‘answer man’. Have you got an answer man in your life???? Hahahaha….

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