Enough of proof, if one believes in Jesus

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Jesus photo shrowd of Turin

Jesus photo shrowd of Turin


In fact before the book “Jesus in India” was written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, the Promised Messiah and Second Coming of Jesus; hardly anybody had the concept that Jesus did not die on the Cross. This concept was revealed to him by the one true God as a strategy against the anti-Christ of our era.

Jesus promised to show Sign of Jonah to the Jews; and Jonah did not die in the belly of the fish; hence if Jesus did show this sign; then he must not die a cursed death on Cross. This is enough of proof, if one believes in Jesus.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran



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2 Responses to “Enough of proof, if one believes in Jesus”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    Jesus did die on the torcherstake. He was resurrected by God, the three days after he was place into the tomb. It was customary to place a dead body in a tomb for three days, according to the Jewish burial traditions of that day. The idea is that they believed incorrectly that the soul was separate from the body, and that it hovered for three days over the dead body. It was believed that after three days the decomposition would be so, that the soul would be frightened away, and the body would be then considered dead.

    This is why the resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus was especially miraculous to those first century Jews. Lazarus was dead for 4 days. John 11; 39-44 :’Jesus said: “TAKE​ the stone away.” Martha, the sister of the deceased, said to him: “Lord, by now he must smell, for it is four days.” Jesus said to her: “Did I not tell you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” Therefore they took the stone away. Now Jesus raised his eyes heavenward and said: “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. True, I knew that you always hear me; but on account of the crowd standing around I spoke, in order that they might believe that you sent me forth.” And when he had said these things, he cried out with a loud voice: “Laz′a‧rus, come on out!” The [man] that had been dead came out with his feet and hands bound with wrappings, and his countenance was bound about with a cloth. Jesus said to them: “Loose him and let him go.” ‘

    It’s amazing how many people believe that God, through Jesus, (as is demonstrated here), that only Lazarus was resurrected. Outside the faith that I seek, at most, the consensus is only three. The truth is, there were many resurrection performed by Jesus. his reason for Lazarus is stated in John 11; 1-4: ‘Now there was a certain man sick, Laz′a‧rus of Beth′a‧ny, of the village of Mary and of Martha her sister. It was, in fact, the Mary that greased the Lord with perfumed oil and wiped his feet dry with her hair, whose brother Laz′a‧rus was sick. Therefore his sisters dispatched word to him, saying: “Lord, see! the one for whom you have affection is sick.” But when Jesus heard it he said: “This sickness is not with death as its object, but is for the glory of God, in order that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”’

    Jesus saw the absolute value in resurrection in front of witnesses. It was so they might come to believe.
    I,myself have come to believe that the most value the bible has is for those living in the end times.

    For anyone that has died, between Jesus living as the baptised son of God and before the great day of the war of God Almighty, they will be resurrected to the opportunity of eternal life. They will begin a new eternal life without Satan. BUT, those who are alive during the last days will have to be on the side of loving God in humility and lowliness of mind. They either will be living in faith or they will not. There will not be any ‘second chances’ for those living in the final days. I have come to see and understand that the bibles warnings especially apply to those living in the “difficult times hard to deal with”. I see that it’s significance can only be appreciated by those who believe and ‘keep on the watch’.

    Although for most that have died, the opportunity for eternal life is a given, there are those whose conduct is such that they will not be resurrected, according to the bible.

    I have no qualms with Jesus having gone to India. It does not conflict with him dieing on the stake.
    Also, just because I believe all that I know, it doesn’t mean that I am perfect, and without sin. I do the best I can to please God. That is the best anyone can do. It is God’s mercy that I constantly seek. I am a sinner, and in need of His forgiveness constantly. I am not worthy of God’s love. If God decided to cast me into death at the end of the judgment, I deserve no better. I fear Him, and His wrath. He could call me on all the harm I have caused others,and I’d have no defense. It will be just Him and I.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      I don’t agree with you that Lazarus was made alive from the dead; Jesus was also not.

      You can enjoy your own opinion, however.

      Please make paragraphs in your posts to enable easy reading. I have tried to make them but the writer could do it better.

      Thanks and regards

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