Bible -not preserved word for word in the original form

As I mentioned in one of my recent earlier post and later we discussed and we observed that just on account of discrepancy in number of books in the Bible, it is proved that the Catholic-Christians and the Protestant-Christians both stand cut off from the tree of life; if the warning in the book of revelation is generalized and extended toe whole of Bible. Since every book has been written at different times and different authors; every book of Bible needs a separate protection or preservation clause.

Here in this post we will see that “Mark the earliest gospel does not mention resurrection” and ends with the empty tomb; the tenet of resurrection of Jesus or ascension of Jesus was added into the gospels about two hundred years later.

One could view a BBC documentary in this connection:thanks to BBC and :Jesus was a Buddhist Monk (BBC documentary):

Please start viewing the video, setting play-head position @ 11.23 and hear the views expressed by BBC scholars.


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