Discrepancy in number of books in the Bible: Jews, Catholics and Protestants

Hank Kimball Says:
April 23, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Either all scripture is inspired of God, or it is not. The bible I read has 66 books penned by 38 men directed by God in every word. Either what is said in it can be interpreted by what is said in it, or it cannot. If one scripture seems, on the surface to contradict another, further study and understanding is indicated. If we do not use scripture to interpret scripture, we have relied on our own understanding. That is precisely why so many religions exist today.

Paarsurrey says:

Since we are not in a debate; we are only trying to understand one another’s point of view. You have your own free will to have a blind-faith. I will opt to have my own free will of not having a blind faith.

I don’t agree with your above mentioned generalizations. Bible does not consist of the original Word of the one true God revealed on a truthful messenger prophet. It could have certain portions or sentences of revelations from the one true God but only translated from some other language; not in the original language they were revealed on a messenger prophet of God.

The difference in number of books of Catholics, Protestants, other Christian denomination and Jews is an evidence that Bible has been changed by the denominations they pertain to.

Jews– they have total 49 books in the OT Bible. They don’t believe in NT.

Catholics– they have 46 books in their OT+27 books in the NT; that makes their total book as 73.

Protestants- they have 39 books in their OT+27 books in the NT; that make their total of 66 books.

So by this I can tell you that you are a protestant.

If we go by the arguments given by you; the Christian-Catholics and Christian-Protestants both of them, under the warning mentioned in the end of book of revelation which you quoted in one of your earlier posts, are responsible for reducing the whole books from the Bible; the Catholics for 3 books and Protestant for 10 books.

We have not yet taken account of numerous passages and/or sentences which have been added to or reduced from the Bible by the Catholics and Protestants.

This proves that the warning of revelation or the preservation of the text of scriptures is only valid for the book of revelation and it cannot be extended or generalized to other books or the Bible as a whole.

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One Response to “Discrepancy in number of books in the Bible: Jews, Catholics and Protestants”

  1. Hank Kimball (@HankKimball1) Says:

    I have reviewed my statements, and have come to see, thanks to you, that one could take offense at my deportment. Stating any of what the bible says as being true is not possible. I was wrong to state my views as such. NO ONE alive today was present when any of it was written.
    It is absolutely only through experience that I state God consciousness as a reality. MY REALITY. I can’t prove God exist. I believe God exist. That is the cornerstone of my faith. The bible is not the source of my faith. I began to seek God more than 25 yrs. ago. My spiritual awakening was profound TO ME.
    You would be well advised to consider how others see what you say. It is not the message that we want to give that is important. It is the message that is being received. NOT that what we want to say is not important. It is how we say it. We can only get to that by humbling ourselves to the experience of others, BECAUSE we HONESTLY do desire to be helpful. If it is just because we want to make other people believe us, frustration and isolation become our lot. Ego nets self deception. It has become clear to me that it is not an open discussion that you want. It seems to me that you have not let anyone just be. Why does stating what you believe have to come on the back of people sharing what they believe? You take what they believe to be true, and tell them that they are wrong for believing it, and pick it apart for all to see. That there tells everyone that you really don’t care about what anyone else believes.How can you say you’re tolerant of other people’s view-points and believes?. Why the need to take what other people believe, to state what you believe? Isn’t just the argument that you desire? I used to believe that if you had one way of believing and it wasn’t the way I believed,than ONE of us HAD TO be wrong. That’s a symptom of one growing up in a dis functional family. A place were only ONE mind was the final say on what is. Out loud anyway.
    Now you take whatever it is you need to to make yourself ‘right’. Of course you’ll take precisely what you need to, “be right”. omitting the complete text, considering, not for amount, it’s usefulness. Being the center of attention is nice, for a bit. When one tries to always be right, for all to see, that one takes the ‘oxygen’ and sucks it all up, and no one else can breathe. Then people just HAVE to leave. I had hoped you had an understanding of yourself. But it’s really not God consciousness that you seek. Believe in God means reliance not defiance.
    Your conduct is not that of a man that loves God. If everyone isn’t measuring up kid; it’s time to check your yard stick. Too much knowledge isolates. I hope that I never judge a religion by the experience or words of anyone OUTSIDE of said religion. That’s like one asking me what kind of person you are. That’s just wrong.


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