Crucifix – a sign of idolatory

Bryan Says in his comments:

I never heard anyone say that the cross became the symbol of Christianity because Christians liked the shape of the cross and also wanted to have an idol to look at and worship that more than what it stands for. On the other hand I think the commandment against graven images could apply to crucifix’s because Jesus is on them, and they are mainly worn by Catholic Christians that also venerate saints and Mary unduly in my opinion. So there is a flirting with idolatry but I think and hope of most of them “they know not what they do.” I don’t wear a cross myself and personally don’t know many Christians that do.

Paarsurrey says:

Showing Jesus hanging on the Cross makes one sentimental; so it should not be shown publicly in the Churches and worn by its followers.

I appreciate your gesture of not wearing it though.

Since Jesus did not die on the Cross and was delivered from the cross alive (though near-dead); and later he travelled to India along-with Mary the mother and other many disciples. There is no point in demonstrating crucifix of Jesus.


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