Ceremony at Cana; was it feast of Jesus’ marriage with Mary Magdalene?

There are people who believe that Mary Magdalene was a wife of Jesus. And they say that the phenomenon of increasing of wine or turning water into wine was the event of Jesus marriage with Mary Magdalene. I don’t think that Jesus ever drank wine though.

I once read something of which I don’t have a reference now that she also joined Jesus in his travels towards India and the neighboring countries when he had to migrate from Judea after the event of crucifixion, in which he survived. They say that during the travels she died in Quetta and is buried there; maybe Marri tribe is after her name.

Jesus later married to other women also in India. One Pashtun tribe named Issa Khel or sons of Issa or Jesus is said to be from his off-spring. Jesus also got married in Kashmir; there are people in Srinagar who say that they are from his lineage; after all Jesus was a male human being and there was no restriction on him from his Jewish tradition not to marry. Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus was not a god or son of god; he was just a human being; so there should be no surprise in his getting married and having children.

Of course one has to make a search or research to believe or not to believe in a thing.

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