Would you like a miniature replica of a mangled car your loved one died in?

Hank Kimball says:

(One may view his comments on my post https://paarsurrey.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/modern-christianity-is-founded-by-paul/#comment-2404 )

Jesus died on a torcher stake. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Paul tell the same story, from their angle. Plus, it only makes sense. Not a lot of wood in the Middle East countries, back then or now. It has been a dry arid environment as far back as our history shows. Why would the scribes, Pharisees or Romans, take more wood or WORK than necessary to KILL a person or persons(many were killed together with others, at one court time) that they deemed immoral, evil or deserving of death?. They wouldn’t. Nobody would. It doesn’t even make sense.

My theory is that of idolatry. The history of it proves it out. Simply, a cross makes a better looking item of worship than what can be confused as a stick. That’s another thing. Over and over again God condemns the worshiping, blessing and idolizing of graven imagines. I honestly think people don’t know what that means. And, would you like a miniature replica of a mangled car your loved one died in, on a chain to hang around your neck ? So you can remember their suffering. Jesus loves us. You know, Jesus didn’t HAVE TO die in a suffering way to complete the ransom sacrifice. Jesus just had to die without disobedience to God.

Theoretically Jesus could have died of old age. Then you’d be wearing a gold or silver miniature bed around your neck.! He died for us! He didn’t suffer for us. He suffered because of the cruel and horrible WAY he died, because of the customs and IGNORANCE of the people that killed him. He DID NOT CHOOSE to suffer. Jesus knew what was coming and it scared Him. Some people think that’s blasphemy. Jesus ask God to spare Him IF it would be God’s will. He didn’t ask because He suddenly had a change of heart. Jesus wasn’t beyond human emotion and feeling. Satan would have NEVER wasted his time in trying to tempt Jesus to sin if Jesus wasn’t human in every respect, save one, Jesus was a man without sin. That’s because Jesus was born of God’s active force, the Holy Spirit, not imperfect man.

If your religion isn’t actually using the bible as the basis of service, you might want to question why. That’s because the bible clearly says at John 17:3 ‘This means everlasting life,their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Christ Jesus.’

Paarsurrey says:

I agree with Hank Kimball that Jesus and cross should not be worshipped; it is simple idolatry, Moses and Jesus both condemn worshiping, blessing and idolizing of graven imagines.

Cross is a symbol of torture of Jesus instead of loving and wearing it; it should be disliked. Has ever a person loved the gun with which one’s dear one has been killed?

I think Christians should not use Cross as a symbol of Jesus’ religion and it should be removed from the rooftops of the Churches by lovers of Jesus themselves.

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One Response to “Would you like a miniature replica of a mangled car your loved one died in?”

  1. Bryan Says:

    I never heard anyone say that the cross became the symbol of Christianity because Christians liked the shape of the cross and also wanted to have an idol to look at and worship that more than what it stands for. On the other hand I think the commandment against graven images could apply to crucifix’s because Jesus is on them, and they are mainly worn by Catholic Christians that also venerate saints and Mary unduly in my opinion. So there is a flirting with idolatry but I think and hope of most of them “they know not what they do.” I don’t wear a cross myself and personally don’t know many Christians that do.

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