Buddha believed in one true God: Union with Brahma



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Gospel of Buddha

When the Buddha had thus spoken, one of the Brahmans said:
“We are told, Gotama, that the Sakyamuni knows the path to a union with Brahma.” 27
And the Blessed One said: “What do you think, O Brahmans, of a man born and brought up in Manasakata? Would he be in doubt about the most direct way from this spot to Manasakata?” 28
“Certainly not, Gotama.” 29
“Thus,” replied the Buddha, “the Tathagata knows the straightpath that leads to a union with Brahma. He knows it as one who has entered the world of Brahma and has been born in it. There can be no doubt in the Tathagata.” 30
And the two young Brahmans said: “If thou knowest the way show it to us.” 31
And the Buddha said: 32
“The Tathagata sees the universe face to face and understands its nature. He proclaims the truth both in its letter and in its spirit, and his doctrine is glorious in its origin, glorious in its progress, glorious in its consummation. The Tathagata reveals the higher life in its purity and perfection. He can show you the way to that which is contrary to the five great hindrances. 33

Page 142: Chapter XLIX. THE TWO BRAHMANS

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Paarsurrey says:

The one true God is known by His attributes; naturally therefore in all regions of the world and in all languages He has different names but the same attributes.

Quran solves this issue:

[7:181] And to Allah alone belong all perfect attributes. So call on Him by these. And leave alone those who deviate from the right way with respect to His attributes. They shall be repaid for what they do.

[17:111] Say, ‘Call upon Allah or call upon Rahman; by whichever name you call Him, His are the most beautiful names.’ And utter not thy prayer aloud, nor utter it too low, but seek a way between.
[17:112] And say, ‘All praise belongs to Allah Who has taken unto Himself no son, and Who has no partner in His Kingdom, nor has He anyone to help Him on account of weakness.’ And extol His glory with all glorification.

[20:9] Allah — there is no God but He. His are the most beautiful names.

[59:25] He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His are the most beautiful names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.

So, God Allah YHWH was in Buddha’s language named as Brahma.

Buddha believed Union with Brahma; that the right path was to acquire attributes of Him and that was the meaning of the union.

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