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I am these day writing on<>; I have contributed my posts in the following threads:

  1. Blind faith equally deplorable both in science and religion
  2. Buddha believed in purdah
  3. There is no contradiction in Religion and Science
  4. Buddha spoke vehemently against Skepticism agnosticism
  5. There is nothing in Kalama Sutta that supports Atheists
  6. Buddha believed in the Creator God
  7. The Gospel of Buddha
  8. Christopher Hitchens is wrong to say “There is no Eastern solution”
  9. Buddha proved- the truthful Religion is not man-made
  10. Buddha talked of purification of self
  11. How did Buddha meet his dead mother in heaven?
  12. Buddha favors religion and shuns having no-religion 
  13. Can science prove or disprove the existence of a Spiritual existence? God? 

The viewers of my blog may like to read my posts on these topics.

The viewers could make their comments there or here in this blog. I value their comments,

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