Has the Creator God created Universe for His enjoyment?

The Creator God has not created human beings for His enjoyment or His pastime. He does not get bored; boredom is a blemish for Him and is a human phenomenon only.

[21:18] If We had wished to find a pastime, We would surely have found it in what is with Us if at all We were to do such a thing.


He has created us human being so that we may be thankful to Him for all that He has created and bestowed to us in the past and all that He can create and will create for us if we abide by his guidance, follow His path and fulfill purpose of our life set by Him.

This in other words is heaven for us.

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3 Responses to “Has the Creator God created Universe for His enjoyment?”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    So God needs our validation and approval? Come on; let’s use our intelligence here. He created us so we could be thankful for it. That is a answer an ignorant mind would put forth in the superstitious 4th or 5th century. It took me a long long long time to see the bible for what it is. I was so convinced of it being purely divine that I could not approach it with an open mind. My early belief of the divinity of the scriptures were in place before I had even opened the book. EVERYBODY said it was divinely written so it must be so.

    I will tell you the truth. God has absolutely nothing to do. What would God have to do to BE ? Nothing; obviously. He is omnipotent. He created us for His enjoyment. He has no assignment that He is instructed to do. We are part and parcel of Him. Just as one drop of ocean water has all the properties of the entire ocean so are we in relation to God. We are in these bodies to please Him. In the very nature and journey of this pleasing of Him do we contemplate and overcome the mind body situation we have found ourselves in. This is the growing and understanding of the soul through many lifetimes; for most of us.

    It is ONLY by pain that we initially endeavor to seek God. There are many before us; from 30,000 years before now; that have passed this understanding along from God to man; from one Spiritual Master to the next in unbroken succession. 5000 years ago as we entered into the present dark age; in which Krsna (God) knew man would be in danger of misunderstanding and personalizing; because of the dampened consciousness of the soul, the transcendental knowledge necessary for the self- realization of the soul and awareness of the souls constitutional position and purpose of life.

    It has been written down in over 10,000 books called the -Vedas; taken from the most ancient spiritual culture that ever existed- the Vedic Empire. It was originally written in sanskrit. Most has been translated to Hindu and English. My friend the bible does not give a clear understanding of the real answers the soul needs to become conscious of it’s consciousness. I know that there are many spiritual truths in the bible. It is not without value. It was not written for our times. It was written for it’s time; and applied to then. Think about this; : all the natural disasters that science has proven took place in the bible were caused by God needing to punish bad people.

    Excuse the expression, but; my god that sounds so childish only ignorant ( without knowledge) persons OR pre- judged minds could believe it. That God had lamented for any reason over the material misfortune or personal pain one’s mind body experienced shows not God at all. Why would anyone lament over any loss or pain in this world is evidence of ignorance and lack of God- consciousness. WHY ON EARTH WOULD GOD BE SOOO CONCERNED about weather Job would suffer or not? The bible does not do the most important clear thing it should. Explain the exact constitutional position of everything. It speaks to us in a very complicated and mysterious manner that one makes the conclusion that it is a symptom of the divine mind of God. NO, that is not the case. It is a symptom of the thinking mind of the authors
    intent to make one believe that.

    The times of the writing of the books of the bible were in the darkest of the present dark age; that we are currently coming to the end of. Man did not have a true understanding of the thinking mind and fear that blocked him from God. Believe me, if they did; they would have gone into practical and useful instruction on understanding the thinking mind. Because of such a lack of insight and spirituality what is left is the fear of what others are thinking. The bible was written in just that fashion. They honestly thought that spirituality was something you convinced other people you had. They truly wanted it; but they just hadn’t evolved enough to understand what it really was. The authors could not have done any better. The problem is; that the bible has been made out to be something that it is NOT; and that is perfect.

    This understanding I convey about enjoyment is very nice and the only intelligent reason for our creation. The natural state of the soul is bliss. The problem is, out of ignorance we try to achieve this natural state by means of the finite senses and conditioned instincts. This is the source of our unhappiness ; and finally desire for God. If we work at pleasing Him; we are automatically happy. Even in the position of sexual enjoyment – who receives more pleasure ; the enjoyer or the object of the enjoyed? No when a man and woman are together – the man being the enjoyer and the woman being the “object” and provider of enjoyment for the man; there is NO distinction in who is enjoying more. Both enjoy equally. The same is true with God my friend. No one pleases Him more than the one who brings others to Him. I don’t know about you but nothing brings me more enjoyment than just that endeavor.

    I have never been afraid to cast out what I understand as true for new information that my experience has should me is closer to absolute truth. This knowledge I speak of is NOT common knowledge. Yes it is esoteric. We come into this world and the brain washing begins from our very first breath. Getting to God consciously is more a matter of unlearning than it is learning. God is already there. So what is it that blocks us from consciousness of this? You see it is not a matter of getting answers to the minds questions. Spiritual answers came with the soul. In other words we have all the answers; we just don’t know the questions. Only one who has been on the journey can bring one to god-consciousness. You can get a lot of knowledge and work it that way for a long time; OR you can be given direction and attain self- realization or God -consciousnees in a few months. It doesn’t take many years. Trust me; I have been at this for 25 years plus. A few months following a few simple rules and the answers unlock themselves. God doesn’t not make the terms to hard for those that earnestly seek Him. One can dial direct. There is so much confusion and different beliefs out there in this insane material world FOR ONE GOD. That is just crazy. I can no longer respond to your e-mails. I have been trying to reach you; but you seem convinced of what you think is true and find it very important to be in debate with others. I have resigned from that. Unless you are willing to learn something transcendental I really have no business and usefulness here with my e-mails.

    So please I ask you to stop sending them if you can’t snap out of it. I really am not trying to insult or invalidate your belief. The truth does that; not intent. You show a heart that wants conviction. That is good. Persistence is good also. Ignorance is not necessary at all. There is a knowledge that when understood one sees clearly there is nothing more to know.- that matters.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      @ Hank Kimball – hankhercules@gmail.com

      Hi friend

      It will be easy to read and comprehend if you kindly divide your write ups in paragraphs.

      I don’t agree with you that god has created us human beings for His own enjoyment; nevertheless you can have your own opinion freely.

      No doubt we have to please Him; which means we should do things which he thinks are good for us.

      I say this as it is reasonable and also as He has mentioned this in Quran- the Truthful Word Revealed in its pristine form:

      [21:18] If We had wished to find a pastime, We would surely have found it in what is with Us if at all We were to do such a thing.


      He says that had he needed any pastime or enjoyment, he would have done it at His own end.

      I agree with your experience of Bible; it has lost the original word revealed from the Creator God and what we have now is only translation after translation. Bible does not mention truly what was revealed on Moses.

      The same is true of Vedas; being old and ancient is no criterion of having the truthful contents. Vedas have also lost the truth revealed on Krishna.

      Thanks for your input.

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