John the Baptist-was not Elijah reincarnated; but Elijah in character

There took place an interesting discussion on the above topic, initiated by me, on my favorite discussion forum, the hubpages:

OP from Paarsurrey

John the Baptist was not Elijah reincarnated; but he was Elijah in character.
The Catholics Protestants wrongly believe that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated; he was not Elijah re-incarnated as wrongly understood by the Christians but he was so in symbolic terms or in character; like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the Promised Messiah of our era; those who die don’t get reincarnated or come again. Elijah did not descend from the skies physically so Jesus will never come again.

1. Brenda Durham posted

I agree with one point–your first sentence.
Most Christians don’t believe in reincarnation. At least, most “protestants” don’t…

2. Paarsurrey posted

I appreciate that

3. Couturepopcafe posted

Where do you come up with this stuff?

4. A Troubled Man posted

At it again, Parr?

5. Emile R posted

Hey paar. I don’t think you’d find many Christians who thought John the Baptist was reincarnated. Reincarnation isn’t a main stream Christian belief. I think they’d wash your mouth out with soap for suggesting it

6. lone77star posted

Would you like to help them out with the soap?

My mouth has been all around reincarnation since I left my grandfather’s ministry.

7. Emile R posted

Don’t be offended. I said not many of you guys. I didn’t say all. Anyway, it was my comment in another thread that made him rush to post this OP. I thought I’d clarify for him.

8. Paarsurrey posted

This is a point which Jesus himself explained that is why I started this thread; yet Christians don’t believe in the truthful teachings of Jesus; they prefer deviant Paul over the truthful Jesus.

9. Emile R posted

I don’t think Paul ever taught about reincarnation. I could be wrong, but as I said; you’ll find few people who strongly profess themselves to be Christian who believe in reincarnation.

10. Paarsurrey posted

My point is that Jesus knew that people will get mislead after him and would invent creeds in his name for their own selfish ends that he never subscribed to; so that purpose in mind he told them that:

1. Jesus was like Adam or man or son of man or son of Adam. This was relating to his birth which did not make him a god or son of god. If Adam was without known father and mother and that did not make him a god or son of god; Jesus born of a mother has not claim of being literally god or son of god.

2.Jesus was like Jonah, a messenger prophet of the Creator God; he was only near-dead in the belly of fish; so was Jesus who was only near dead on the Cross; both survived a cursed death of a false messenger prophet; got cured of the suffering; went to fulfill their mission to the Jews.

3. Nobody ascends to the skies; and nobody comes from the skies. Neither did Elijah ascend to the skies nor would Jesus. Neither would Elijah come again to earth nor would Jesus; for this he told that John the Baptist was Elijah in character.

None of the above was god or son of god; Jesus’ god-head was an invention of the deviant Paul, the sinful scribes and the Church in collaboration.

11. Emile R posted

Nobody ascends to the skies? I thought you guys thought Mohamed did.
Paarsurrey replies now:
Muhammad did not ascend to the skies physically; it was only a spiritual experience in time and space which is called a “kashaf”.

12. Couturepopcafe posted

paars – Please quote Jesus’ explanation.

13. lone77star posted

‘Twas a joke, Emile. Not offended in the slightest.

14. Dave Mathews posted

paarsurrey: John the Baptist was the child of Elizabeth, cousin to Mary. John the Baptist is a prophet of God who proclaims the arrival of Jesus the “Christ”, the Messiah, to the people of Israel in the Jerusalem area at the River Jordan as he baptized the people and preached repentance for their sinfulness.

15. Ms Dee posted

I disagree in that Jesus will come again, just as he left. His first coming was prophesied long ago and then was fulfilled with his first coming. Likewise, his second coming has been prophesied since long ago and will too be fulfilled with his second coming in power as King of Kings.

16. Ms Dee posted

Acts 1:11

17. Rhonda Elisha posted

Hello Ms Dee
The Holy Spirit is referring to his (descending the clouds).

18. Paarsurrey posted

Jesus’ first coming was by birth; so would his 2nd coming by birth and then achieving his status in character.

19. Rhonda Elisha posted

There is no mention of Elijah birth in Scripture he is only first addressed: In Scripture (1 Kings) “As the prophet from Gilead.” Remember: Elijah did not die! God took him as was done of Enoch: As noted: In Scripture (Genesis 5:24) “Enoch was in constant fellowship with God and God took him.” As noted: (In Scripture (Malachi 4:5) “God speaks of the prophet who will come like Elijah.” And as also noted: In Scripture (Luke 1:13-17) “The angel Gabriel explains to Zacharias as the child (Yohanan/John the baptist) being like the former prophet Elijah. This scripture is spoken in the literal; (Yohanan/John the baptist) came like Elijah. (Yohanan/John the baptist) is Elijah. Yohanan/John the baptist was created by God having the same attributes and spirit as Elijah, being Elijah. Confirmed: In Scripture ( Mattathiah/Matthew 11:7-14).

Concerning: Reincarnation
As noted: In Scripture (Job 33:29-30) “God sometimes brings a soul from the pit to live among those of the living”
This, thus, demonstrate God power to revive those from death to live again and clarifying also the existence of hell.

As noted: In Scripture (Daniel 12:13) God says to Daniel: “That he will live out the rest of his life and go to eternal peace but will rise again to share in the last days.”
This, thus, demonstrate God power to revive those from death to live again and clarifying the existence of heaven. (The promised rest).

Concerning: The existence of heaven
As noted: In Scripture (Job 33:23-24) “The Holy Spirit speaks of messengers from heaven whom sometimes intercede as a friend for man to God and God shows pity, therefore, setting that man free from death.”
This, thus, demonstrating, the existence of heaven and it’s inhabitance.

As noted: In Scripture (8:1-2) “The Lord today resides in heaven where he ministers in the Temple.”
This, thus, demonstrating, the existence of heaven and it’s inhabitance.

Concerning: The existence of hell and heaven
As noted: In Scripture (Luke 18:19-31) “The rich man and Eleazer the begger.”
This, thus, demonstrating, the existence of heaven and hell. The Holy Spirit also speaks of Abraham being in the place of the righteous dead.

As noted: In Scripture (1 Peter 3:18-21) “The Lord after his death of mercy, visit and ministers to those whom were sentenced to hell after the flood.”
This, thus, demonstrating, the existence of hell.

Through examination of scripture and the giving understanding of the Holy Spirit; many of God’s giving servants and prophets are (created) by God for his purpose of plan.
For all their mother’s mentioned were those being barren.
Several Illustrations being:

The Israelites:
Sarah was barren: God promise Abraham and Sarah a son, In Scripture (Genesis 18:19) God says: “And I have picked him out to have godly descendants and a godly household, men who are just and good, so that I can do for him all I have promised. This son is Isaac. The one to father (Esau and Jacob). Jacob whom will in-turn be the first born son of God creation of the Israelites. Therefore, Isaac being God plan of purpose for his creation of the Israelites. This gives understanding to God words spoken from Moses to the king of Egypt: As noted: In Scripture (Exodus 4:22) “God tells Moses to inform the King of Egypt: “Israel is his first son and chooses to worship him. He is to let Israel go free.” Israel representing Jacob, the one whom gained the birthright as the first born son.

Jacob wife Rachel:
In Scripture (Genesis 29:31) (Genesis 30:22) “Because of Jacob treatment toward Leah, God allowed Leah to be fertile but Rachel was barren. except in the end God pitied Rachel and she conceived two sons to Jacob (Joseph and later Benjamin).” Both Joseph and Benjamin as was (Isaac), God creation for his plan of purpose.

Judah and Tamar:
In Scripture (Genesis 38) “The child (Perez) whom was God plan of purpose from this union.” became the descendant of king David from the tribe of Judah whom united with Benjamin the sons of Isaac. (The line of the Messiah).

Prophet Samuel:
In Scripture (1Samuel) “Hannah had no children, she was barren. Hannah prays and pleads to God for a child. God answers Hannah prayer and gives her a son. (He is Samuel). And as was Isaac, Joseph and Benjamin; (Samuel) was God creation for his plan of purpose.

Yohanan/John the baptist:
In Scripture (Luke 1:1-25) “Zacharias the husband of Elizabeth wife was barren; he prayed to God for a son. God answered his prayer and Elizabeth conceived and birthed Yohanan/John the baptist). God creation for his plan of purpose.

God is supreme in all his works, man cannot comprehend his wisdom, unless allowed by him through understanding. He is the creator of all things, therefore, capable of anything; which is why we Praise and Thank God the Father his Son and his Holy Spirit for their mercy, for all men, even in their good works are worthy of (Hell).

Read: (Mattathiah/Matthew 22:29-32)

20. Rhonda Elisha posted

Typo: from above

As noted: In Scripture (Hebrews 8:1-2) “The Lord today resides in heaven where he ministers in the Temple.”
This, thus, demonstrating, the existence of heaven and it’s inhabitance.

21. lone77star posted

Beautiful, Rhonda. Some very potent wisdom.

And isn’t it humility that is required by scientist and believer alike in the search for answers? If we think we already know, then we won’t look.

If we think we already have, we won’t ask.

22. lone77star posted

Interesting opinion, @paarsurrey. I’m not sure which Catholics or Protestants you’ve talked to, but I don’t know of many who accept reincarnation. My wife is Catholic and she does accept it, but she’s rather unique. And my denomination has only one member.

Just because you can’t remember doesn’t mean you didn’t. Many people do remember. And there are many people who are delusional, too. Their delusion doesn’t disprove reincarnation, though. … -bible.php … tories.php

“But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands. Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist” (Matt. 17:12-13).

What did Jesus say? Did he say the character of Elijah has already come? I don’t think so. He said “Elijah has already come.”

One Christian website erroneously claims (as an argument against John being Elijah) that, “First, the concept of reincarnation would have been completely foreign to the Jewish mind” (

What’s funny about this claim is that it’s entirely false based on scripture and based on the fact that one modern group of Jews (Kabbalists) have always believed in reincarnation and were there from the beginning. In fact, my own exegetical research turned up the Kabbalist’s “Tree of Life” embedded in Genesis. So many Jews asked John if he was a prophet reborn. If they didn’t believe in reincarnation, they wouldn’t have asked.

Heck, the disciples asked Jesus about a blind man if he had done something to deserve being “born” blind. Yep, reincarnation.

Church father, Origen, talked about reincarnation (transmigration of souls), but 200 years later, he was declared “anathema.” Basically, the church outlawed “reincarnation.”

And reincarnation isn’t such an “Eastern” idea, either. The Celts believed in reincarnation, much to the consternation of Julius Caesar.

Jesus told his followers that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. How does this hold up under scrutiny? Well, there are numerous bad hats who died of old age in the comfort of their villas paid for by the blood of others. They didn’t suffer the same sword they had wielded in life.

So, how can what Jesus said be true? Numbers 14:18 offers a clue. Only the perpetrator himself pays for the sins of the father, but 3 and 4 generations later. That’s reincarnation.

How could reincarnation be in so many places throughout the Bible?

Just look at Genesis 1:26-27. Man was created in the image of God. That would make the truer part of us “non-physical, spiritual and immortal sources of creation.” Yes, “baby gods.” Just don’t let your ego know about it.

Paarsurrey writes here:

There is no reincarnation; those who die never come again to this earthly abode.

Jesus wanted to tell the Jews that John the Baptist was Elijah in character and so will Jesus come again only in character.
It has already happened; Second Coming has taken place in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 who is the Promised Messiah in character and has come to tell the true teachings of Jesus which had been corrupted by the deviant Paul, the mislead church and the sinful scribes of the gospels and had invented new creeds in Jesus’ name or supported them.

Jesus never believed that he was a god or the son of god or Jesus was to ascend to the skies literally and physically or Jesus was to resurrect from the physically dead.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has exposed all the false creeds of Paul, Church and the scribes; all these (Paul, Church and the scribes- the authors of the Trinity) together are the Anti-Christ and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah- his advent has taken place to refute their rebellious stance against Jesus, as Jesus’ spirit wanted that it should to be proved wrong, with the brilliant arguments of the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and this way the their false creeds/teachings/characters be killed before their eulogizers.

It is the real spiritual Armageddon, which is to establish the Unity of the ONE true Creator God and the truth of Muhammad and Quran and to support all the truthful messengers prophets in all regions of the world, with peace, love and reasonable dialogue by convincing hearts and souls.

Hubpages is a good discussion site; one could comment there or here in this blog; comments are most welcome.

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    I’m tellin ya……….ya still need 2 dollars for a cup of coffee; Oh Great Time and Space Waster.

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