Which religion is the most peaceful as well as tolerant in the World?

Which religion is the most peaceful as well as tolerant in the World?

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I will give here some of the posts to have you a taste of the same.

OP by Paarsurrey:

All the Revealed religions and the persons, messenger and prophets, on whom these religions were revealed by the Creator God were truthful persons. They all were peaceful and tolerant people and always presented their points of view with brilliant reasons and rational arguments.

Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad; all were truthful, peaceful and tolerant persons.

It is a fact that Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world as it respects all the truthful persons like Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus.

Quran the first and the foremost source of guidance for Muslims, whatever the denomination, has no teachings which are not peaceful.

With the advent of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah, this peaceful aspect has been highlighted.
1.Couturepopcafe wrote:
@ OP
it’s Taoism which speaks about the reality that naturally exists prior to and gives rise to all other things. Virtue or the life energy in all things and a sense of morality which constitutes the Way can be found by experiencing the oneness of all things – fulfilling life as one with nature and as one with the inner self. Instead of becoming one with heaven, the goal is to become one with the nature of the universe.
2. Knolyourself wrote:
Equality between people and all things is required for peace.

3. MelissaBarrett wrote:
Jainism is pretty peaceful
4. Anna Marie Bowman
How can Islam be the most peaceful religion, when they talk about killing infidels? Buddhism preaches acceptance and peace. True Buddhists don’t believe in killing any living creature. Sounds a lot more peaceful to me.
Even Rastafarians are more peaceful than Islam.

They also preach peace and the sanctity of all life. True Rastafarians are vegetarians.
5. Disappearinghead wrote:

Yes it (i.e. Jainism) probably has the most peaceful historically.

Its believers literally will not harm a fly.
6.Paarsurrey wrote:


But Laozi did believe in an underlying Tao, Way or One, from which the Heaven and Earth derived. This One transfused everything in the universe from the lowest to the highest.

Maybe Taoism in its present form is not vocal in saying that Laozi believed in the Creator God but I think he believed in ONE.
7. john-doe7 wrote:
Atheism is the One True Peaceful and Truthful Religion.

This is revealed to Us as Truth.

This is the only reasonable rational Truth.

Paarsurrey comments now in the blog:
The Atheists don’t believe that atheism is a religion; they deny it being a religion; so atheism out of the arena.
Atheism doesn’t believe in revelation; so atheism is neither revealed nor it is a religion.
8. Cagsil wrote:
“Atheism is the One True Peaceful and Truthful Religion.”
You’re funny.
9. aka-dj

You are a funny man!!!

Some of the most NONpeaceful place in the world today are either majority Muslim, run by Muslim leaders, or in the biggest Muslim region of the planet, the Middle East.
You all claim peace, but all you live out is conflict.

You also debunk the Bible, the Apostles and Christians as being based on lies, and misinformation, and then you call them all truthful here.

Make up your mind!

Either they are TRUTHFUL, or LIERS. But, at least be consistent.
10. Anna Marie Bowman wrote:
How can Islam be the most peaceful religion, when they talk about killing infidels?

Paarsurey@ Anna Marie Bowman

Please quote from Quran, the first and the foremost source of Islam whatever the denomination, with the verses in context to prove your viewpoint that Islam commands to kill infidels in general terms.

Islam does believe in co-existence and tolerance more than any other religion.
11. Anna Marie Bowman wrote:
Buddhism preaches acceptance and peace.

I agree that all revealed religions are peaceful; so are Islam and Buddhism.

Yet (unfortunately) Buddhism has not always separated itself from war. There is historic documentation that in 621 CE monks from the Shaolin Temple of China fought in a battle that helped establish the Tang Dynasty.
In centuries past, the heads of Tibetan Buddhist schools formed strategic alliances with Mongol warlords and reaped benefits from the warlords’ victories.

The links between Zen Buddhism and samurai warrior culture were partly responsible for the shocking collusion of Zen and Japanese militarism in the 1930s and 1940s. For several years a virulent jingoism seized Japanese Zen, and teachings were twisted and corrupted to excuse killing. Zen institutions not only supported Japanese military aggression but raised money to manufacture war planes and weapons.

http://buddhism.about.com/od/basicbuddhistteachings/a/war.htm12. knolyourself wrote:
“Equality between people and all things is required for peace.”
Paarsurrey wrote:
I agree with you.
13. aka-dj

“Except for co-existence with Israel! Right?”

Paarsurrey replied:
Islam does not command to kill the Jews generally.

14. Anna Marie Bowman wrote:
“True Rastafarians are vegetarians.”
Paarsurrey replied:
Every human being should be peaceful.

To be vegetarian does not make one necessarily peaceful.
15. Disappearinghead
“Perhaps not generally, but what about occasionally?”

paarsurrey wrote:
Islam does not command to kill the Jews generally.
Paarsurrey add now in the blog:
If the Jews attack Muslims or break the peace treaty with Muslims and side with the infidels and betray; then of course Muslims have to respond to defend themselves; as Muhammad did in his time; but that is specific for the Jews of Medina in Muhammad’s time.
16. aka-dj wrote:
You also debunk the Bible, the Apostles and Christians as being based on lies, and misinformation, and then you call them all truthful here. Make up your mind! Either they are TRUTHFUL, or LIERS. But, at least be consistent.

Paarsurrey wrote:

I never said they lied; I cannot pronounce them truthful where they erred; after all they were sinful and not innocent people and they acted against the beliefs of innocent Jesus; that aspect should be and need be exposed.

Hubpages is a good discussion site; one could comment there or here in this blog; comments are most welcome.



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4 Responses to “Which religion is the most peaceful as well as tolerant in the World?”

  1. Hank Kimball Says:

    How about this ? Is it not antagonistic and naive to take a survey on what religion one believes is most peaceful? Obviously opinions will vary. But more than that; each way every single person that has come to have faith in, and depend on God is unique. I submit that there are as many ways in which a man or woman discovers God, as there are people. Especially the more recently initiated, tend to have a , dare I say, “pride” in the very ‘process’ or religion that brought them to Him. It is difficult for most of us to even accept that a faith other than our own can result in real truth. Oh we can appear to accept; but inwardly and actually we are hard pressed to really intelligently understand. This is our ignorance. Can one just confess that they don’t know? No. It doesn’t work like that. I resign from the debating society. Surveys can attract attention my friend; but what are the fruits it bares?

    I tell you the truth; Organized Religion has done more to separate man from God,than bring man to Him.

    I say this because it offers no REAL instruction on precise and intelligent actual steps one can take in order that the individual can effect a personal; no middle man involved, relationship with God specifically to remove the illusion and selfishness and fear that block one from Him. What it does teach only strengthens the illusions already promoted. It is not evil. It is ignorance. I hope all one day see that as the only true ‘sin’.

    If it did have these attributes; there would be more than one man in the room “qualified” to instruct. A LOT MORE. Church would be a place where one would come to when they decided that they were ready to take the journey to themselves and ultimately God. They would walk in and it would be a seen of people standing around talking to each other. There would be 2 different people in the room. Those that have conscious contact with God , and those that are in some phase of the journey back to God. All would be there with A SINGLE purpose.

    To overcome the illusions gathered from a lifetime and effect a relationship with God; and help others do the same. No matter what stage one would be in, of the process; almost from the onset, the desire to help others is present and grows and encouraged.

    The bottom line here no matter what the argument. Either God is EVERYTHING or He is NOTHING. What is ones choice to be?

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  3. subhankarzac1992 Says:

    1. Jainism
    2. Buddhism
    3. Taoism
    4. Krishna consciousness
    5. Confucianism
    6. Yogic Hinduism.
    7. Neo paganism
    8. Shamanism.
    9. Sufi Islam
    10. Cult of Iravan.

    Janism without a doubt is the most peaceful religion.
    I m a buddhist because jainism is excessively pacifist and have laws against killing even bacteria and algae. It is an atheistic faith with population never involved in violence till date though it’s as old as Buddhism itself or even from the time of Lord Rama.

    • paarsurrey Says:

      Which religion is the most peaceful as well as tolerant in the World?

      Thanks for the input and welcome to visit my blog.
      Please choose one of the ten mentioned by you as per the topic.
      Can one choose one of them? Please

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